Sunday, 14 September 2014

Oh my Garden!

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The new house comes with an urban garden. One that is a perfect square, with just the right size for us (for now). In the height of spring/summer, I had to mow the lawn every 10 days (at the max).

Lawn aside, planting new plants & flowers have really been rewarding and educational.

It's now almost autumn, and I've created some Autumn coloured plants for the front door. Cyclamen, red cabbages and ivy - some of the plants I chose for one of the planters. Cyclamen can offer a long period of flowering, especially if you deadhead promptly. After the flowers have dropped off, don't allow the seed pods to curl up and propagate if you want your cyclamen plant to flower for longer. Instead, simply twist the twig at the bottom and lightly pull up the whole "twig". 

(deadheaded Cyclamen)

(Look at the new season cabbages! The photo on the left even shows some water-drops : Don't they look like diamonds on the cabbages?)

The Autumnal Planter with Ornamental Cabbages (Yes, I don't think you can eat them), ivy and a pink cyclamen. Next to it, is a succulent and alpine planter : Dragon's Blood Sedums, "Candy Stripe" Phlox, and Echeveria Glauca. 


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