Thursday, 21 November 2013

The wonders of Japanese animation

28 October 2012

It is the start of the half-term, and Shean Wenn came up to me early in the morning holding the origami book I bought for her some time back. She was trying and fiddling with an Origami shape (that book isn't that great!) and then we went on to explore other origami shapes. After that, I continued browsing online and happened to stop by a newly found blog as I was googling for "Fish Origami".

Zakkalife is really an interesting blog of a mom to half-Japanese kids! So while on her site,we viewed some videos and stumbled upon this other youtube video produced by some Japanese - they teach easy drawing for kids. In this video, they taught how to draw a tortoise, a rat, a fox, a pig, a bear, an alligator, a cute bunny, an even cuter elephant and a crab! If you have young children and can't think of how to teach them to draw animals, this video will be great for them (with an addictive background song in Japanese, although we both don't know Japanese, we still hummed to it.. everytime it comes on!).

(Shean Wenn's masterpieces)

Look what Shean Wenn produced! I was so smitten by her work (Aren't you?) . After drawing it, SW said that she will write the names of the animals below it (in English), however, I suggested to her to write the names of the animals in Chinese. She protested but agreed in the end.

(Shean Wenn the animal lover)

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