Thursday, 28 November 2013

Her choice of books from the library - A lot of non-fiction, some light-hearted ones, a comic (Santa's pants) and Martin Luther King Jr? Her school is having an "African" theme this whole term and they have been teaching her about the dark, and courageous sides of Slavery, treatment of black people... and Ku Klux Klan. KKK scared her so much she woke up one night screaming. Not very impr
essed that they teach her about racial tension and violence at such a young age (6-7YO). It is not that I want to bubble wrap my child and shield her away from it, but for a 6 year old, they still cannot mentally understand some things. There is no reason to teach them about racial issues, which I feel will further make certain children feel more "aware" of how different they are, in terms of colour of hair, skin and facial features. I know that most kids are still "colour-blind" at this age, so let them have an innocent childhood - they can learn it at 10YO when they are mentally more mature!

Anyway, it is interesting to see what she chooses at the library and I am partly glad she doesn't just go for the Horrid Henry series (which she is very into since last term). LOL!

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