Tuesday, 3 September 2013

"Flies like the smell of rotten meat"

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So the things Shean Wenn learns from her books. We have been going to the library very often this summer holidays despite being busy with the house move and visit from her grandparents. I find she tends to love reading non-fiction to fiction although she does like her "Horrid Henry" books (to my dismay!).

Horrid Henry, really? What do you learn from it? I notice the books makes her laugh, so at least she is finding humour from it. But what she really learnt from the non-fiction books are most useful of course.

During tonight's dinner, she asked me this very earnestly.

 "Mummy, ... do I smell like rotten meat?"
"No, of course you don't. Why do you say that?"
"Because I saw a few flies flying around me all the time, why? And flies like the smell of rotten meat."
 "Oh silly, it's because they are hovering around the rotten banana (that her grandparents left on the table - one left from the bunch. Her grandparents have gone to Spain for a short holiday)."

Shean Wenn enjoying her book about Insects! Eeek.. Geli! 
Shean Wenn smiled in relief. I smiled because I found it funny! She often comes up to me with funny facts like that. Just like the one about the Mimic Octopus - which she said she watched from Octonauts. She said there is this octopus who can change its shape into  "a few eels", "a zebra fish", and something else. I had to google about mimic octopus before believing her! Wow.. more facts of the day.

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