Monday, 22 April 2013

"Priceless" labels - An English Lesson

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Her weekly homework time, on top of the ones she receives from school is from a very fun workbook I found in WH Smith called "Enchanted English" series from Letts (publisher). In this chapter, they are teaching the grapheme "a-e"/"o-e" ( as in "take", "make", "rope", etc.) and referred to it as the "Magical e" which changes the sound of the original word.

(The Grapheme o-e or a-e)

Then later in another section, they asked to "try writing labels for these objects". And she happily put on her own "labels" -as in the ones you see in the supermarket shelves. I had a good laugh when I saw it because you can't actually fault her because these are proper labels, isn't it? Anyway, I had to ask her to correct these by adding the "magical e" words next to her very special "price labels". I still love the Price Label ideas  more, but a girl's gotta learn what a girl's gotta learn, isn't it?

(Shean Wenn's intepretation of "labels" - aka "price labels")

On another unrelated story : One morning I thought hub's choice of work clothes matched Shean Wenn's uniform. So I made them take a photo together. You can see hub is really not in the mood to entertain my request, but have kindly obliged anyway! 

(Daddy and daughter with matching attires)

Monday, 15 April 2013

Piano Journey

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Shean Wenn started learning piano almost a year ago with Kasia. She actually started in Mar last year with another teacher but due to clash in schedule, I decided to stop it and when Kasia had a space, we decided to try her out with Kasia, and never looked back.

I am glad to say she has lots of enthusiasm and most importantly, passion and tenacity to play piano. It has been a journey of discovery for me too, as I had a brief period of learning music when I was much younger, but did not continue because I just did not find that I have the talent for it. But now, because I sit in her piano class at every lesson, I have found that I am learning some musical knowledge too. And I am so thankful that SW has more talent and tenacity in piano music than I do.

For example, we are starting to practice for her Grade 1 ABRSM exams and she has chosen one of her 3 songs to be played - Chattanooga Choo Choo which is an upbeat and happy song. Kasia guided her 2 times (ie 2 classes) before the Easter break. And during the Easter Break (no piano lessons for 2 weeks), Shean Wenn practices on the piano EVERY DAY, so from only knowing how to play the first line, she has now mastered the whole song - all on her own reading and practice! I would consider this a mean feat. Obviously, it is not perfect yet and that is what Kasia is there for, to fine tune her "performance" - getting the rhythm, dynamics and "feel" right.

(Shean Wenn playing Chattanooga Choo Choo ABRSM Grade 1)

This is another video of her playing during her first ever Piano Concert for her Piano School. She was just learning for 3 months during that concert but I was so proud of her performance. The exposure performing really thrills her and I hope it will last her a lifetime.


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