Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Lessons on friendship

Sometimes you think as a parent, you have to be the one setting a good example and that you are the one teaching your child(ren), but at other times, I really do learn a few things from my daughter.

Last month, when I picked her up from school one day, she declared to me "I AM REALLY CROSS WITH ROSIE" (Rosie is her best friend in class).

Because she doesn't want to be my friend anymore, hmmph! She said I'm not her friend anymore! (Crosses her arms in annoyance)
Why did she say that?
I don't know, she just said that to me. 
Oh, that sounds a little mean, but did you argue with her?
No, she just said that to me.
Well, sometimes people want to be left alone, maybe she just wants to be alone that day. Don't worry, you'll be friends again.

Then the next day, I was a little worried she is still upset from this incident, so i tried to tiptoe around this issue. So instead, I asked her how was her day and she said "Oh, Rosie is my friend again!"

Really? How did that happen?
Oh, I said sorry to her.
Said sorry? Why did you say sorry to her? I thought you said you were not mean to her yesterday?
Yes, I wasn't mean to her, but I think if I said sorry, she'd be my friend again!
Oh.. so what did she say to you?
She said sorry too. So we are now friends.

And then, my heart fluttered, with a million butterflies. She's so forgiving. And so sweet. It just takes a simple "Sorry" to mend a relationship! And that is my lesson in friendship showed to me by my 5YO daughter that day.

Anyway, Happy Children's Day (20 November) and may we always be reminded of the kindness children show to us everyday.

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