Monday, 8 October 2012

Fragrant Tea Leaf Eggs 茶叶蛋

The weather has started to get wonky again, sunny for two days and then rainy for the rest of the week. And this morning, after coming home from sending both Meng off to the station and SW off to school, I came home and rain started to pour. In such weather, all you want to do is curled up in a blanket infront of the TV! I've also felt like having some tea-leaf eggs... The first time I made it was six months ago and I can still remember how tasty it was. 

I have seen it in "Mummy, I can Cook's" blog and was really amazed at just how easy it seemed and since I have all the ingredients in my kitchen, there is no reason why I can't do it. I brewed my 茶叶蛋 (Tea Leaf Eggs) for a good 3-4 hours. The longer you brew/marinate, the better it taste.

The end result : Beautiful marbling effects and tasty goodness all in one egg! I will always remember how its fragrance will draw me into the Chinese Herbal shops in Malaysia, always buying more eggs than I can eat. But really, who am I kidding? I will always be able to finish all of them, even if it means eating it the next day.

(Shean Wenn enjoying the tea leaf eggs I made in April) 

I have followed Shu Han's recipe here.


HaniFadil said...

wow! home made. looks like 'telur pindang' in malay tradition, esp in Johor. But, telur pindang takes longer time , overnite if am not mistaken.

Tsu Lin + + said...

Oh yeah lah Asmahani! I just saw telur pindang. Entah if I have eaten it before. I love all sorts of eggs anyway : half-boiled, hard-boiled, sunny-side up etc. And so healthy!

I make an egg almost every morning for SW, she used to like half-boiled egg, the one they serve in the mamak in Msia, but after awhile she didn't like it anymore, so now I let her eat hard-boiled ones.

Melissa said...

These are my favourite too! :)

The ones you made here look store-bought! Nicely done!


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