Sunday, 1 April 2012

End of Spring Term 2012 : 30 Mar

Shean Wenn's kindergarten held an Easter Day event on their last day of the term it was the usual - circle time, songs singing, meals around the table with home-cooked pastries and fruits & water. The top photo shows Shean Wenn holding the hand-puppet she made during King's Children time. She now also learns sewing (yes, with a real needle) and has sewn a felt daffodil. Will show photo another time.

The highlight of the day was of course the Easter Egg Hunt when, for about 20 mins, the kids ran about in the garden, bathed in warm sunlight (but yet not so hot that it melted the chocolate Easter eggs) searching under bushes, trees and hidden nooks for the hidden eggs.
(Shean Wenn with her basketful of Easter Eggs she found around the garden! Her teacher says she's the "Queen" of Eggs-finder which made her very happy and she has thence repeated the story many times the whole of that day)
After the Easter Day event, I brought the girls home and had lunch. It was such a sunny day that I thought it would be a waste if we stayed in - so I brought them out to the park about 5 mins drive away. I actually meant to bring them further to Canary Wharf but halfway there, I realised I left my mobile phone home and had to make a u-turn to get it. So I wasted about 15minutes doing that and decided to just go nearer home.
The girls get to run about, scoot around and played in the playground for a bit before I told them to head to the cafe. On our way there, I could hear them already hinting me for some ice-cream. Oh, talk about plotting their way!

Their conversation goes like this :

"Oh, it's such a hot and warm day today."
"Yes it is!"
"Do you know what will be good for such a HOOOOT day?"
"I know! Maybe some ice-cream?!"
"Yes, Ice cream is a good idea"

It goes on repeat. I pretended to ignore them and answered with "You can have water" or "We'll see"

So they walked into the cafe, and headed straight to the two ice-cream chillers. Kaye : "Can I have one scoop of chocolate ice-cream and one mint please?"
Shean Wenn : "Can I have one chocolate and one vanilla?"
Me : "NO. You both share. So choose one flavour ONLY"
SW & Kaye : "That's not fair!.... " and starts to protest.
Me : "Then you shall have none!"
SW & Kaye : "Ok then! We'll have chocolate!"

Kids, they do know how to bargain!

The most interesting conversation that day however, was while driving to the park. I overhead the two of them chatting behind.
SW : Kaye, I wonder who laid all the Easter Eggs around the kindergarten just now?
Kaye : I know, it must be my sister!
SW : Your sister?
Kaye : Yes, she's a rooster (born in the year of the Rooster)!
SW : Joyee can't lay eggs?!
Kaye : Yes, she can! She's a rooster. Chickens lay eggs.
I almost laughed out loud when I heard it. They are really an interesting bunch of little people!


Melissa said...

I'm such a fan of these two. They are really clever (you too, btw. I would have given in and the duo would have gotten a double scoop!)

Tsu Lin + + said...

Mel, you know what.. Meng said I should have just bought 1 scoop for each of them. I'm just being stingy! :P

And yes, as they grow older, you'll see all their funny "telatah" and wonder how did they ever get so smart? I bet you are experiencing all the wonderful experiences now.


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