Monday, 2 April 2012

Diane von Furstenberg for GAP

The DVF range for Gap just launched last week. I saw their e-mail on my inbox on my mobile but didn't pay much attention to it until a friend of mine texted me to say that she has just been to the shops and the range is selling out FAST. That evening, I sat infront of my laptop, glued to it. OMG, I am in awe. With a few clicks, the dent left by it in my wallet has been done. The parcel arrived within 2 days and Shean Wenn tried on the goods - I must say I am so pleased, esp with their signature DVF pattern (the tights and on the flip flops)! Their jacket which I LOVE has already been sold out in the first 3 days. All these designer collaborations with high street retailers is really selling well.

Tell me it's all worth it!


mom2ashleyaidan said...

Nice!!! Online shopping is such a scary thing. Within a few clicks, you're done!

Shu Han said...

hi tsulin! thanks for dropping by my blog (:

I must say, online shopping is dangerous. Haha, I used to be really keen on it, and then I managed to wean myself off it, esp after starting uni, I've learnt to become a bit more careful with my money and to spend on things i really need, for me that's usually food ;)

Tsu Lin + + said...

@Dinah : I know right?! I bought another tights for her today (I just love the DVF monogramme) at 30% off. SCORE.

@Shu Han : I am so glad to have found your blog, it has been an interesting read! I still can't believe you have such a cool job as a Farmer's Mkt Manager. I actually looked it up and thought of applying! In a related topic, do they sell nuts in the market? (Ie Almonds) Like I said, I have not visited a FM much. Only been to Borough Mkt.


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