Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Hair today, gone tomorrow

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Little Miss Princess has always wanted to keep her hair long. And I have been trying to delay that as long as I could until last year when I thought I'd just give her the chance to keep it long. So the last time we had it cut in November, it was just a trim to ensure the hair is neat & tidy for my brother's wedding.

Her hair is almost shoulder length now and earlier last week, we thought we'd bring her in to Karen to get her fringe cut & a tiny trim at the back, just to keep it tidy. But in the morning, as I was still fast asleep on my bed, she ran in telling me "Oh mummy, I am going to cut my hair short later, into a bob!"

"I thought you want to keep it long?"
"No, it's OK, I've changed my mind. So now I want my hair short mmkay?"

So her dad and her trotted off to the hairdresser's after that and they called me after their haircut. I asked hub how does she look? He said to ask her myself, and passed the phone over to her.

"So, how do you look now, SW?"
"I look very nice mummy!"
"Did u tell Karen how to cut your hair?"
"No, she knows what to do. She knows how to cut bob-cut (yes, infact that's the only hair style Karen knows*). And do you know? Faye Wong has a bob cut too.. i look so pretty!"

When she came back - I was surprised. Karen has trimmed off more than I had liked but I still told SW she looks very beautiful and she has made the right choice to keep her hair short! During lunch, I asked Meng if he'd been brainwashing her to get it cut short? He said no, it's her choice. But I still told him off for not monitoring Karen when she cut her hair because it was a tad too short. He laughed it off saying "It will grow" (at which I rolled my eyes). (Pre-Haircut : In her self-designed Princess outfit made using blankets, and back view of her braided hair)

(Post Haircut : Short Bob)

*Karen the hairdresser, only knows how to cut a bob for women. But I must say her bobs are very good... just that, it is always a very short bob. (At the ear level)

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Early reading : Recommended blog read

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As a long-time reader of Lilian's blog, I have, at times refer to it for inspiration for "educating" Shean Wenn on various subjects. I just recently found an article that she wrote about her techniques of teaching reading to her kids. Her eldest son started reading at 3YO and Sean, her second son started reading at 3+.

Wrong Side of Thirty: For Stef: About early reading

Thanks for the insights, Lilian.


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