Monday, 27 February 2012

"I Love You Infinity Plus 9"

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Yes, so the Little Missy has learnt the word "Infinity" from her 2 friends - sisters Joyee & Kaye few weeks ago and has been using it quite a lot lately.

This afternoon, after being reprimanded by me for trying to destroy one of the new books that I bought for her, I found her standing infront of the kitchen one hand holding her Bunny soft toy named "Hoppy" and almost bursting into tears. I knelt down and stroked her hair. "Yes, darling?"

She burst out into tears and mumbled "I only love you twelve"
"What? Oh, I love you too!"
"No! I love you only twelve", she said adamantly between sobs.
"And I love Hoppy infinity plus nine!"

Then I had a conversation with her about that - she said that she didn't think I was nice to "raise my voice" at her about the book. But I still told her, it's ok, I still love you. :) And went on about how she should be respecting her things - whether it is toys, books, or even food.

It's funny how she thinks she is punishing me now by loving me Infinity-plus-three less than her Hoppy. Haha. Well, in no time she'll love me Infinity Plus Nine again! I am sure of that!


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