Friday, 4 March 2011

New ride

Shean Wenn has a scooter and a bike, but they are both at the grandparent's place in Melbourne. We bought it for her last year during our trip back and thinking that we will definitely return to Melbourne, we should just get those stuff for her and left them there. Well, a year later and we're still here, and SW is still not utilising them. Recently, I noticed a new brand of scooter around (Actually they are not so new and have been around for a few years, but I only just happen to hear & see it now) - the Micro Scooter, a product by a Swiss Company. It is actually an ingenious design :

1. Made of sturdy materials, and yet
2. Lightweight
3. 3-Wheel lean & steer mechanism (it can steer to the left or right when you lean in that direction)
4. Removable steering bar (for easy storage in the car when you bring it out for family outings)
5. The deck is made of fibreglass
6. It's got a braking system (at the back) - way cool.
7. It is cool!

I managed to persuade the hubs to get her a new scooter with a few reasons :
1. Riding is an important skill to master, esp at this age. (Scooter or bike, take a pick) And it helps her agility & balance too.
2. This scooter is DIFFERENT from the Fisher Price one we bought because it has all the good points stated above.

We made our way to John Lewis over the weekend and after test-driving it, the hub bought it for SW. It isn't easy to make him part with his money so I bet it was a sound investment. :)

At almost 4 years old, this is only the 2nd time she got onto a scooter. She is still not very adept at riding it but I am sure she will be a pro at it in no time! I have been trying to bring her out for practice whenever we have time. The weather has just gone chilly again (feels like 0-2C with wind-chill factor) but I brought her out on Wed in the afternoon after our lunch. It was a sunny day but again the sun has fooled me. Without wearing gloves, I felt cold in under 20mins. Brrr! Shean Wenn also complaint of cold after about 30mins and urged me to go home and give her a cup of Milo.
(Always have time to smell the flowers)
The daffodils are out again - first signs of spring but yet temperature has dipped to wintry cold. Hope next week will be a better week.
PS : In case you are wondering, the cover on her head is a ski mask. It is wonderfully useful for her mornings & afternoon playtime in her kindergarten. (They play outside for almost 2 hours in the mornings and another 1 hr or so in the pm, so I think it is very useful protection from cold for her)


chip-pea said...

Nice ride! Good to know that SW approves of it! Actually I am also looking at the micro/maxi scooter for Tobey. His first scooter is too small for him already. When he's on it, you can't see the scooter anymore..hahahaha!

Tsu Lin + + said...

ML, both the mini & maxi scooters are sold in John Lewis. Great stuff lah. I want to go on it myself.. although when I did, I didn't know how to control it, luckily i didn't break any glass in JL that day - scary!

elisabeth (bovagoods) said...

thanks for your sweet comments about my dining room and for stopping by my blog! i love the look of your blog. the colors and the hearts are so wonderful! sweet little girl too!


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