Sunday, 13 February 2011

Postcard from the future!

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My mother-in-law is an amazing woman! She really is.. when we were in Bangkok for holiday last year, I was waking up at 7am some mornings and when I go out to the living room, she would be halfway mopping the floor.. and have already washed a load of laundry (sometimes it may even have been hung up to dry).

But this really tops the icing! Last month when I opened the mailbox and found this.. A postcard from the future. Shean Wenn has been collecting all the postcards that FIL & MIL sends from their trips everywhere. :)

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Gong Yee Wat Tsai : Happy Chinese New Year 2011

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It's the Lunar New Year again!

Shean Wenn knows more about the Chinese New Year this year, but only the things I told her, which are :
1. She must behave well during CNY
2. She must greet everyone (at least the chinese people/friends) with "Gong Yee Wat Tsai" - Hainan for Gong Hey Fatt Choy/Gong Xi Fa Cai.
3. She gets an ang pow from her mom, and one from her dad. (She has been bugging me this evening to give her "THREE hong bao, mummy??" - doesn't work that day, Shean Wenn).
4. We go to the temple on 1st day of CNY.
5. We bake some peanut cookies for CNY - she has been telling her teachers about the "Chinese Cookies" she helped mummy made. Funny! I told her it's Chinese New Year cookies.. and it's peanut cookies.. but she intepreted it as that.

Meng has also bought a CNY CD by the Malaysian girl-group "M-Girls" for her to watch. Actually she has been watching them on youtube previously (last year) and since she loves their songs so much, Meng bought the CD for her. Whenever we put it on, she will try to follow the dance steps to her favourite songs in the album - she has a few fav. And the video below is her MOST favourite from the CD : A song called "龙头大队贺新年".

So here's wishing everyone, especially my family (The Lim family & the Wong family) a prosperous, healthy and safe New Year of the Golden Rabbit!

(You can watch the original video of the M-Girl's track here)


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