Monday, 13 December 2010

*Squigs and prawns

Pointing to the bowl of baked beans with eggs for our dinner tonight, Shean Wenn tells me :

"Save some for papa, ok?"
"It's ok, we can finish it because he's not coming home for dinner tonight"
"Huh? Then he is going to buy food?"
"Squigs and prawns???""
"I think so"
**Claps her hands!!** Yes, I am not kidding, she actually clapped her hands in excitement.
"Ohh.... I'm so excited!"
"What are you so excited about?"
"I'm very excited mummy! Are you excited??!"
"Daddy's buying SQUIGS and prawns! I'm so excited."

This is what she has been coveting from her dad's dinner. Salt & pepper squids or prawns, or both!(Salt & pepper squid, image from


mun said...

I like to eat salt and pepper squid and prawns too but I can't have them too often - high cholesterol level. :( Shean Wenn can enjoy it since she's still very young! :)

tpeng said...

Eeee lil Shean Wenn is sooo cute! I like this dish too! Too bad can't really find it here! :(


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