Thursday, 18 November 2010

Sweet Shean Wenn

(Shean Wenn chirpy & smiley at 815am and 5 celsius - waiting for school to open its gates)

On Tue while having lunch with one of SW's teachers in school (a kind Japanese lady), she told me about something that Shean Wenn did in school. In the morning, one of SW's friend, a boy called Michael fell down and scraped his legs and was crying. Shean Wenn went and drew an art and passed it to him so that he will feel better. It seems that cheered him up and he stopped crying. "She's really sweet", Chinatsu the teacher said.

And then SW also did a few other drawings to give out to her friends, one to Ashley and another one to another girl.

I can't help but feel very happy inside knowing she's so caring - infact at home she has done many drawings and told me "This is for Papa, I will keep it and show him later."

A few times, she has also done drawings for her teachers (but has never passed them the paintings because we'll either bin it or she just forgot about it before she goes out) : Gillian/Chinatsu/Annette or one to be given to one of her little friends Joyee/Ashley/Tobey/Kaka/Pooja/Alesha.. etc..

Once she drew a drawing for Pooja and wrote her name there too! She pointed to the painting and told me "This is for Pooja" and you can clearly see her handwriting P O O J ("A" was found somewhere else but I was still really surprised she knows how to spell her name). And how did she know how to spell her name? I think it must be from seeing Pooja's name on the bag that the school gives each of them for keeping their clothing essentials (extra shirts/trousers/socks/undies) which is hung outside their classroom. I think that's really sharp of her to notice that and to remember it!

She's also quite popular in school with both the teachers & kids. The teachers think she's a really funny girl because SW likes to chat and talk to them, and because of her (easygoing and loving-to-share) nature, she must've told them some funny incidents. Like the time when I took her Wellies home the day before because it was raining when I came to pick her up so asked her to wear those instead of her nice suede boots; and forgotten to bring them back the next day for her morning outdoor activity! She went up to teacher Sally saying "My mummy forgot to bring my wellies today. SILLY BILLY MUMMY!", I saw Sally cracked a smile and nodded telling her oh dear. Oh gosh, I was just standing next to them when she said that! Sally turned to me and smiled, i just smiled back sheepishly.

When I came to pick her up in the afternoon, teacher Gillian told me "So she's been telling everyone that her mummy forgot to bring her wellies today!" ;) "Oh did she?? I bet she did!"


mun said...

Shean Wenn is really such a lovely and happy girl to be chirpy and smiley so early in the morning and in the cold too. CCC-Cold BRRRR!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love those boots!


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