Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snow in November

We woke up to a light dusting of snow in the morning. I made Shean Wenn's milk and after that prepared her for school as usual. The hub volunteered to drive us to school, so he went down to get the car. 2 minnutes later, he called to say it's better to stay home today because he was afraid it'll snow all day and I'd be snowed in and not be able to go get her from school later. Yayy! A "holiday" for me, i suppose.

The last time it snowed was last year, in February. This has gotta be the coldest November ever!

Since we're all changed, I brought Shean Wenn down to look at the snow. She REALLY LOVES IT!!

Assessing the situation : She is fascinated by the snow!

Loving it!
Touching snow...

Smile for another photo : before I ask her to head back home - didn't want my camera to get soaked.

On the way back home, she told me this :

"Mummy, later can I make a snowman? With carrot nose, raisin eyes and a big smiley face"

"That sounds nice, but what about his hat?"

"Oh! Umm.. I can give him my hat! He can wear my hat, see?"

It is still snowing as I'm writing this but no, i'm not going to bring her down to make a snowman. Frankly there isn't enough snow anyway, but even if there is, I'm not bothered. It's too cozy to just stay at home. Snow isn't my kinda thing. Gimme the sun & beach anytime!

She's still bugging me to bring her down to make a snowman.. I foresee it'll be a long day trying to find something for her to do while we're at home.

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mun said...

Shean Wenn really looks happy and sweet in her full winter gear standing in the snow. Was there enough snow for her to make her snowman yet?


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