Monday, 1 November 2010

The Apple never falls far from the Tree

Further proof of the old adage "The Apple never falls far from the Tree" ....
(Obviously, she is the apple of our eyes)

1. One day after picking her up from nursery, I had the same conversation I would have with her regarding what she did at school. She tells me about what they had for snack that day :

"Mummy, we had an orange colour(ed) soup today in school."
"Oh, you mean pumpkin soup?" (I know this because I saw the nursery teachers harvesting the pumpkins from the garden few days ago - very impressive and on this morning when I send SW off to school, the teachers, helped by the kids, were cutting up pumpkins)
"Yes. But i don't nike (like) it at all! It's yucky"
"Why don't you like it?"
"It doesn't taste good"
"Aww, then what soup do you like?"
"I like lin-ngau (lotus root) soup! It's my favourite!"

Heh. So you see, lotus root soup is her ultimate favourite! And like her daddy (haha), she isn't too adventurous in her food. Malaysian food is the way to go, it seems.

2. Another snack time conversation went like this :

"We had rice and honey and yoghurt today"
"Wow! Did you like it?"
"No, not at all! I don't nike (like) it at all. I don't nike the honey on my rice. I told teacher no honey & yoghurt on my rice please." (I have to admit it sounded abit ... strange for me too)
"So, what did you have then?"
"I eat my rice ONLY"

(Her teacher actually reported to me earlier that SW only ate her rice alone - without honey & yoghurt on it, which is how they eat it in the nursery. Beats me, I wonder why on earth would someone eat brown rice with honey & yoghurt. Very strange!)

Shean Wenn also likes her rice alot.

3. Few hours before dinner.

"Mummy, can I have sambau (sambal) with rice later?"

She is, a Malaysian through and through!


mom2ashleyaidan said...

wow! She can eat sambal? not too spicy for her?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... btw, if Shen Liang doesnt like the stuff that goes with the rice, he will also only eat rice. He loves sambal too, especially with nasi lemak.

Tsu Lin + + said...

Dinah : I made the sambal "heh beh" (dried shrimp) version which isn't too spicy. Somehow she likes that alot.

Siew : OMG Shen Liang is amazing, SW eats the dried shrimp sambal, not the nasi lemak packet type. I think I'll slowly train her to take the more oomph stuff. She seemed to like the curry chicken (on their nasi lemak) they serve on MAS flight and would insist to eat them all up! So I'm guessing she kinda like abit of spiciness. And Oooo, 2 of them are so similar "fan tong" - loving their rice.

@JinomTo said...

waiting for you to put the red sunnies on my brother!

Tsu Lin + + said...

Alicia : I'm also waiting for photos of the car!

mun said...

Can SW asks to eat her yogurt separately (not with rice)? I also can't imagine eating yogurt and honey with rice but I think just eating honey with yogurt should taste nice.

Lilian said...

Aku pun nak sambau, makcik.

SW is amazing, till now, Sean doesn't take spicy food. He takes nasi lemak without sambal, how can??? Anyway, the other day, I spread some on his nasi lemak, he ate it all up but kept complaining.

SW speaks so well, can tell you so many things about school. My kids always came home with nothing much to tell, I have to dig really hard, and they always say I forgot.

Tsu Lin + + said...

Mun : Yeah, SW is indeed asking the teachers not to mix yoghurt & honey into her rice - so she is just eating rice on its own.

Lilian : It's not too late to train them, esp now that you guys are living in "spice land" (hehe). And at least Sean is making an effort, he only complains, not totally rejecting it so he should be a well-seasoned sambal eater soon.

Re speaking : Aiyo, you know lah, girls are chatterboxes compared to boys, in general! I guess there must be balance in a family - if mom likes to share so much, there must be willing listeners lah. Hehehe :P

mun said...

Thanks for the reply. After eating the rice on its own, does SW then eat the yogurt on its own?

Tsu Lin + + said...

Mun, I'm not exactly sure. I think she just doesn't like mixing those into her rice. It seems sometimes she just eats yoghurt with honey. So it's either yoghurt with honey, or plain rice. But never mixed. Haha! She's very "precise" in this way.


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