Thursday, 28 October 2010

Book Reading : Some Dogs Do

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One of Shean Wenn's favourite hobby is reading! Every night before her bedtime, she likes to sit on our bed, sometimes by herself, usually with Meng and both of them will go through her books. During this time, I'm usually busy washing up the dishes in the kitchen so I seldom read to her before she sleeps. Anyway, she has a few of her fav books. One of them is by Jez Alborough, entitled "Some Dogs Do". I didn't realise she knows all the words (by memorising, I suppose) and found that out one day while I was reading to her during the day as I was "forcing/training" her to get her afternoon nap - she really doesn't like sleeping during the day. Anyway, sometimes while i fall asleep during the day with her by my side, I will wake up and knock over a tower of books left there by SW!!! And I mean A TOWER of them!

This book, "Some Dogs Do" is really fabulous because the storyline is so engaging, his sentences rhyme nicely and it is punctuated with so much humour. And at the end of it, there is a good Moral of the story - which is to tell kids that, although some people may not think you can do something, you should strive to achieve it against all odds ("Now Sid, you shouldn't lie," She said. "All dogs walk and jump & run, but dog's don't fly - it can't be done" - and at the end of the book, you'll see why Sid can fly... "Do dogs fly? Is it True? Some dogs don't, and some dogs do.") I love it too! Would recommend you to get it except you prob can't get a new book as it's given out for free in the bookpack that the UK gives out - under the Bookstart programme. This was found (i believe) in the 3-year-old's pack - there were 2 or 3 books with colour pencils, some drawing block & money-off voucher.

Meng loves the book so much, he actually bought more books from Jez, but I think Some Dogs Do is still the best!

Shean Wenn has also learnt all her alphabets - uppercase & lowercases and she loves spelling them out. You'll see in the beginning of the video. She can also spell & write her name now, which she does very fondly everytime she has a pen/pencil/crayon on her.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Feels like Christmas already..!

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Actually the post title has 2 meanings :

1 ) Retailers have already been marketing & selling their christmas ornaments, merchandise and knick-knacks to entice customers.. Look what Momiji did! A new design by Fiona Lee based in Australia. Oh boy, hard to stop drooling, fingers to the click!

2) October has been a pretty good month for me in the sense that I have been lucky enough to "win" in a few contests.. Firstly, I got a Pink Lining bag just for posting up a photo on their page (due to some PR glitch).

(The Pink Lining bag courtesy of Pink Lining)

Secondly, I also won a "Tomo Giveaway" on Bing's website - how lucky! So here goes.. introducing...
Piu-ya (PURE in Japanese)

We got this in the mail last week and first thing that strike me was what beautiful handwriting! Bing's handwriting looks like some type-face font, so neat & such nice cursive.

I got SW's Jap teacher to translate the words on the toy & she told me it means Pure, and then i thought what a nice coincidence because my middle name is which loosely translates to pure (you usually see it in vegetarian dish, meaning SIMPLE).

Shean Wenn grabbed it as soon as she saw the little yellow fellow!

And I've been reading online tutorials on how to create comic-strip effect on photos. My biggest problem is, I need a better storyboard to go with my photos...

THANK YOU SO MUCH, Story of Bing!

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