Monday, 20 September 2010

First day of Nursery : SW reports

After collecting her from nursery at noon, I asked her if she enjoyed her day? Did she have fun? What did she eat during snack time?

Her answers :

Yes, I like my school. Today teacher gave me some apples & grapes. And she also gave me some rice. She gave me rice with honey. But I don't like it. No, I didn't finish it at all. I wet my shirt because I play with the water & I splash splash splash around in the garden so teacher helped me change. She took out my shirt & then put this shirt on. I also draw today, mommy. Using crayons - red, yellow & orange colour. I got 2 friends and one is Kaka & another one is a boy. No, I don't know his name, I never asked him. I go to shh-shh (wee wee in toilet) THREE times today! No, I didn't flush it. Hahaha. Yeah, because it's too noud (loud).


Anonymous said...

LOL! Soooooo cute!

mom2ashleyaidan said...

cute lil reporter!

Melissa said...

I just read your post to Prav. We had a good laugh.

She's so cute la!


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