Friday, 17 September 2010

Favourite TV Shows : Aussie-influences

Amongst the many TV shows that Shean Wenn just LOVES, are these 2 from Australia. When she was about 1YO, the paternal grandparents gave a HI-5 DVD and said they were one of the bestselling groups on Aus, I put it on for her once & she never glanced more than 5 minutes. Fine, I then chuck it aside and hoping she'd know how to appreciate it one day. Anyhow, in Jan this year when we went back to Aus & SW met her 2 cousins for the 1st time, she also met Wiggles for the 1st time. She was hooked.

1) The Wiggles : After that when we were browsing the shelves in the local toy-shop here (Smyths, awesome!) and found they stock up Wiggles, we bought a few titles for her. It was only about £4-5 each. From then, everytime SW asks to watch a show, it would be "WIGGLES PLEASE MOMMY!". She can memorise all the songs, all the characters, all their antics, their funny trivia, she can tell us. Her favourite character is also Anthony. Her fav songs are "The big red car" (and a few more which I can't seem to recall now).

2) Hi-5 : She got into Hi-5 just 2 months back when Meng was recording it for her in the mornings. I guess this girl really likes to jive to music, esp those with catchy tunes. The Hi-5 is the UK group (not the Aus version) and her favourite character is a girl in pink (what else)! And the her ultimate favourite song is FEELINGS.

"Feelings go up,
feelings go down,
There's lots of feelings spinning round & round & round,
Sometimes they're good,
Sometimes they're bad....

Here's a video of her dancing to the song with all the right choreographed steps which she has been "practicing". She usually sings along to it but when she knows she is being video-d, she hesitated.


Daphne said...

Hahaha... she'll be Aussie one day!!! Anyway, I've introduced this new show to M&P and they absolutely LOVE it. Very educational too. It's called Ni Hao Kai Lan. It follows a similar concept to Dora except she speaks Mandarin. M&P picked up lots of new words - probably more so than what M learnt in Chinese class. Unfortunately, I can't find many Kai Lan DVD's or books here.

Tsu Lin + + said...

Oh yeah, I saw it before on the internet and was tempted to buy it then. But I think I didn't because it isn't cheap (Can't remember how much) & isn't available easily here. If I remember correctly, it is shipped from US. I find it so funny that they name her KAI LAN vegetable.. nyek nyek nyek... silly!


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