Sunday, 22 August 2010

Daddy's girl

(Shean Wenn & daddy at the foot of Statue of Liberty, Staten Island, NYC. Nov 2008)

Just proving that she is, indeed daddy's girl!

This is my conversation with her this morning as I lie on my bed.

TL : "Shean Wenn, what is your favourite colour?"
SW :"Pink!"

TL : "What do you like to do the most? Drawing, painting, playing in the park?"
SW : "I like swimming!"

TL : "Shean Wenn, who is your favourite friend?"
SW : "Ummm.... Joyee!"

TL : "Then who is your favourite boy?"
SW : *thinks for awhile* "PAPA!"

(Port Dickson, Dec 2009)

Daddy was so happy to hear it when I recalled the incident to him later (he was busy in the kitchen) nodding his head and beaming, "Of course I'm her fav!"


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