Sunday, 22 August 2010

Daddy's girl

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(Shean Wenn & daddy at the foot of Statue of Liberty, Staten Island, NYC. Nov 2008)

Just proving that she is, indeed daddy's girl!

This is my conversation with her this morning as I lie on my bed.

TL : "Shean Wenn, what is your favourite colour?"
SW :"Pink!"

TL : "What do you like to do the most? Drawing, painting, playing in the park?"
SW : "I like swimming!"

TL : "Shean Wenn, who is your favourite friend?"
SW : "Ummm.... Joyee!"

TL : "Then who is your favourite boy?"
SW : *thinks for awhile* "PAPA!"

(Port Dickson, Dec 2009)

Daddy was so happy to hear it when I recalled the incident to him later (he was busy in the kitchen) nodding his head and beaming, "Of course I'm her fav!"

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Preparing for kindergarten : Outdoor uniform

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It's August already! Time surely flies.. but usually time feels like it's flying faster during summer because there are just so much to do everyday. In a month's time, Shean Wenn will be starting her first day in Kindergarten. I've been psychologically preparing her for the big day and she seems very excited.

I remind her constantly :

- If any of her friends hit or scold her, she needs to inform the teacher ("Which teacher, mummy?", she asks) and also she should tell me about it at the end of the day. I know kids sometimes play rough but I'm trying to prepare her so that she does not get bullied in school. Of course, she isn't too "siu cheh" that anyone who touches her will spark her off... (so far, she isn't like that.)

- Potty training has been going well so far with her but sometimes accidents happen. So I told her if she has pee-ed or poo-ed in her pants, she should ask for help to change into new ones. I kept reminding her to wash her hands after she goes to the toilet too!

- Outdoor play : From experience, I know she likes playing with water outside so I remind her that if during play time, she has wet her clothes, she should ask to be changed into dry clothes.

The kindergarten that we enrolled her is based on the Steiner-Waldorf philosophy and they put alot of emphasis on learning through play and also stress that kids need to have ample time outdoor with nature. So come rain or shine (except during thunderstorm, i think but UK seldom have thunderstorms), summer or winter, they will spend their mornings outside playing in the garden. Shean Wenn knows the set-up of this kindergarten pretty well because I bring her there for playgroup since she was about 9 months old, so she will not be having culture shock when she goes there next month.

For a start, we will be putting her for 3 half-day sessions. However, as she has outgrown the red Ferrari outdoor attire I bought for her 2 years ago, I was looking around to buy her another suitable one. My friend Jessica who has a daughter in this kindergarten pointed me to the right direction and I bought a "bib & brace" type of waterproof attire for her - she chose the colour & pattern! She chose a PINK one, naturally!

When the attire arrived, I taught her how to put it on so that on her first day of class, she will know what to expect.

These are some of the photos of her wearing her outdoor attire. She'll be having loads of fun outdoor! :)

The only regret I have is having to miss her 1st day at school! Daddy will be sending her off and my friend's nanny will collect her and take care of her until Meng picks her up.

Friday, 13 August 2010


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Whiskey, originally uploaded by decapix2008.

.. is our dog in Msia. I saw this photo on my brother's flickr and thought, "What a funny girl (the dog), there she goes again."

During the evenings, she is fond of sitting in the "longkang" this way. (This part of the drain is usually dry & clean) Prob a good way to observe the world passing by...

I remember we adopted her from SPCA in August 2005. She's now 5 years old in human years and 35 in dog years - wow she's older than me now!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Ballet Class : End of Term Parents' Day

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I meant to blog this earlier before my memory becomes hazy but it has taken me almost a month after that to do so! Anyway, her 1st term of ballet classes from Apr-Jul 2010 went pretty well.

Her term started in April and at that time, she was 2 years 10 months old. The first day of class was pretty chaotic with parents scrambling to get the uniforms, get the feet measured for their ballet shoes and settling the kids. Shean Wenn was pretty clingy the 1st two classes and wanted me to be next to her throughout the class. However, by the 3rd class, she has settled on herself and allow me to be away from her but still in the room. By the 4th class, the teacher has requested that I leave the class :( (There were about 2 other kids who still needed their moms next to them. Infact, one of my friend's daughter refused to join the class and will sit & watch from the floor). Different kids, different strokes, eh.

Anyway both Meng & I can tell that she enjoys her ballet classes very much and she is very enthusiastic about her lessons. The only qualms I have is that I have to wake up at 7am every Saturday morning to prepare her for the class, and I'm not exactly a morning person! I do make sure that she gets her milk & some breakfast before her class so that she isn't hungry during her dances. I know how it feels having to attend classes on an empty stomach and it isn't a ncie feeling.

10 July 2010 : Last day of term and Parent's Day.
This is the day the parents are invited into the class to witness what the kids do during their ballet classes. The class is also conducted in a different hall from her usual class (a much better place with mirrors on the wall and laminated flooring instead of cement floor!). Also, Ms Lydie the ballet teacher has decided to hire a pianist accompanying the class (this is for next term). I think it makes so much more sense.

1) Start of the class : Teacher ensuring the kids do some warm-up by asking them to sit up straight & tall and doing their "pointy toes"/"bunny ears".
2) Forming a circle
3) Everyone in a circle sitting down during one of their various activities.
4) Ms Lydie guiding Shean Wenn to sit up straight & tall.
5 & 6) Listening and following instructions from the teacher.
7) Ms Lydie guiding the class.

Here're some videos I took of the class :
1 : One of their activities (alot of imagination involved)

2) Shean Wenn doing the Pony Trot : When I watched it again, i went "Awwww!" - my heart skipped a beat as I watch my not-so-little daughter progress in class.

Proud parents with Shean Wenn. She's actually a real morning person just like her dad! Mommy is the night-owl (see, I'm still editing & blogging this at 1am).


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