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June travels : BANGKOK

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(Patreeya & Shean Wenn cycling at the park. Bangkok 8 June 2010)

June was a particularly eventful, and busy month. It was also the month of Shean Wenn's birthday. Early June, Shean Wenn and I boarded the dutch airlines KLM to Malaysia. Two days later, still very jetlagged, we took another flight out of KL (Malaysia) into Bangkok, Thailand. Many people were saying this is a little brave/risky move but we were going there to meet family (Meng's family). The flight form KL to Bkk is approximately 2 hours and we flew via MAS this time, because it was comparatively cheaper than Air Asia's promotion of "free tickets to Bangkok to support the Thai people", so much for being a budget airline, eh?
(Enjoying in-flight food : Haagen Dazs. MAS 7 June 2010)

I'm pretty impressed that in this afternoon flight, MAS actually provided lunch of Satay + Rice and desserts and not to mention freeflow of juices (Sorry my darling Shean Wenn, orange juice for you because MAS doesn't serve apple juice for cattle class). The Pièce de résistance is of course their ice-cream : Haagen Dazs (Ex-boss Jason Fong did a good job negotiating for his brand of ice-cream to MAS). Shean Wenn had already chomped down the satay and was still going strong, when she saw the ice-cream, her face lit up & she couldn't wait to eat the ice-cream. The air-steward actually gave us one tub each and SW managed to singularly finish her portion! Even I was feeling full after the satay meal (which was pretty good, even for plane food). Needless to say, we didn't have much for dinner that evening after landing in Bkk and arriving at SIL Daphne's home around 8pm.

Our main purpose visiting Bkk is actually for Shean Wenn to be re-acquainted to her cousins, grandparents & aunty & uncle. So I don't have an itinery to shop nor visit any of the tourist places (I've done that many years ago anyway). I thought I could have a relaxing time and just sit & chill out. INSTEAD, I was in for a surprise.

5 days flew by so fast... everyday there is somewhere to be gone : We'd be out of the house by 930am and be back at 4pm, rest and if we're not eating at home, we'd be heading out for dinner.

DAY 2 (8 Jun) : Daphne suggested that we could bring the kids to a park nearby (I forgot the name) and rent bikes for them to cycle. I thought it would be a good idea! But what I did not anticipate was the heat. By the time we came out of the taxi and pushing the rented-bikes, I had sweat buckets. Bkk heat is really different from KL-heat (KL is in a valley, hence more cooling at this time of the year). Anyway, I persevered. The kids, esp SW seemed to not notice the heat and she was gleefully cycling along with Patreeya. SW hasn't cycled much before this so it was not surprising that she is still learning the ropes of cycling. She picked up pretty fast although still needs practice maneuvering the bike.
(With the family. Bangkok 8 June 2010)

After what seemed like an eternity (for me), we came to the kid's playground and there is when the kids get to "rest". I think the eternity was probably only 25mins or less but I welcomed this break! Patreeya & Shean Wenn explored the playground and went on many rides, slides & swings. Ok, SW does not like swings so she just looked on. They also had a break drinking water. Then it was time to go back.

Shean Wenn cycled for abit and decided she doesn't want to cycle anymore so mommy (ME) had to pull her bike all the way back!! (Along with my new camera which I was trying not to scratch or get any sweat on it). Shean Wenn had fun exploring the park and its flora with her grandparents and cousin. After that, we walked out to get a taxi to the nearest shopping mall! Like Malaysia, we like going to malls, where else can you go at 37c? Once we hit the mall, with air-cond blasting, I felt more comfortable. SW by this time was of course pretty tired out by her adventure today and fell asleep.
(Patreeya & Shean Wenn's antics in the "BURBERRY" cab we took. Bangkok 8 June 2010)

We spent the rest of the day shopping here.

During the evening, Marwin (SW's older cousin) came up to me and said something very cheeky which caught me off-guard. He said, as a matter of fact : "Ah Kam, how come you didn't buy alot of presents for me and baby Patreeya? Why only 2 presents?".

:-/ Kids say the darndest thing!!

Day 3 (9 Jun): More shopping! In the evening, we had a small birthday celebration for Shean Wenn. I bought a chocolate cake for her in the afternoon and she gets to blow out the candles surrounded by her cousins and grandparents. Then, FIL, SIL & I went out for a massage. It was after the massage that I started experiencing mild gastric pain/food poisoning.

Day 4 : Daphne has been planning to go for an expo selling designer goods. Unfortunately this year's event wasn't as interesting so the only purchases made that day were food, in particular the Tao Kae Noi Seaweed ! Yes, Thailand has a good brand of seaweed. I regret not buying more because SW loves eating seaweed. Day 5 : Somehow during one of the days while chatting with SIL Daphne, we discovered that we both knew Lilian from Wrong Side of 30 (WSo30) - What a coincidence! I have been reading WSo30 for a good few years now and have became "friends" with Lilian but have never met her in person. Daphne on the other hand, met her once at a function at the embassy. So the only reasonable thing to do was to arrange to meet up! We managed to squeeze a meeting amidst both of our busy schedules... Lilian came with gifts for SW. A red bag filled with goodies any girls will want! Thanks alot Lilian. Unfortunately, Lilian forbade me to post up photos of her. So you probably won't believe me if I'd say she's tall, gorgeous & very cheeky!
So that concludes our trip to Bangkok. It's really too short a trip and I hope we will return to visit again, but this time for a longer period of time. :) Thanks to Daphne & Ekk for being wonderful & obliging hosts. Next time I must remember to bring more gifts for the kids ;)

PS : I just noticed none of the photos have me in it! :P


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