Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Potty Training success : So sudden?!

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Strangely, two days after I wrote & lament about how I would never be able to potty train my darling daughter, she decided to just prove me wrong. (A good thing, it is).

**-- Alot of info ahead, if you are squirmish, stop reading. You have been warned --**

What happened was, on 30 Apr, I decided to continue my efforts of potty training. I left her diaperless for 6 hours that day. In that duration, she prob rushed to the loo about 8 times but had 1 accident which I patiently wiped away. During tea time that day as she & I were sitting on the sofa having "sa-ke-mah" (沙琪瑪 or Sachima), she suddenly rushed off shouting "I need to go to the toilet!!" (yes, she really did say that in a very "urgent manner"). After about what seemed like a long time, I decided to check on her. I asked if she has finished? She said no. I would've left her at that except I smelt something. I did a second glance in the toilet bowl and confirmed she did a #2. Wow. REAL RESULTS! I was so happy that if I felt like doing a little dance.

I praised her immensely & gave her TWO stickers as reward (I made a half-hearted Reward Chart which we paste behind the toilet door). She was very proud that I was so proud.

The next day, I continued to let her go diaperless & she had one or t
wo accidents during the day. I continue to notice she is very aware when she needs to go to the toilet. These few days, I put her on diaper because I am just too tired to clean up the mess but on one day, her diaper was totally DRY. Of course, some days are drier than others. Today she had 2 wet diapers which I constantly remind & nag her about. I also figured she was too preoccupied with her tv shows - I am going to cut down these sessions, MISSY!
("Don't bug me, I'm watching my fav TV show!")

Anyway, I'm just thinking about this subject of potty training : To each its own method but I'm grateful Shean Wenn's experience has been really pleasant. I'm glad I did not stress both of us up by following conventional methods which can be really tiring & time consuming. I'm glad she decided in her own terms that she is ready. I'm proud of you, little darling. You constantly amaze me with your understanding of how things should work.


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