Sunday, 4 April 2010

The REALLY NOISY fishing game!

4 April 2010 : Shean Wenn @ 33 Months Old

This weekend being Easter Long weekend (Good Friday is a Bank Holiday* & Monday is a replacement holiday for Easter Sunday), saw us spending our Friday in a shopping mall. Meng went "mad" shopping for Shean Wenn at the toy dept.

Toy 1 : This "create & play" toy from ELC.
(Request of the day 5 Apr 2010 : A dog!)

It consists of chunky shapes, nuts & bolts and you can assemble & create various designs with it - the box gave many different ideas such as a robot, trucks, a car, shopping trolley & a wheelbarrow!

When we got home, SW excitedly told us she wants to build a car. Meng taught her what is a screwdriver & a spanner. And she helped out Meng with the whole project and was very very enthusiastic with it too. The next day, she asks daddy to make a truck for her. After seeing that there is a shopping trolley that she can also build with it, she requested us to help her build one. So, this time MUMMY dearest - the "engineer", had to help her out. I sat down with her & taught her the nuts & bolts too. The good thing is, daddy also taught her a system to arrange the nut & bolt together so she was very good at it. We build ourselves a nice looking trolley, but obviously not nice enough for her because she then "demanded" that I should put flowers on it. She looked for the flower petals in the box - and found it (I told her they didn't give it to us, but not satisfied with my answer, she rummaged until she found it!).
(Shean Wenn's very own shopping trolley - created with help from mummy!)


Oh boy, the title says it all. Actually I have been telling Meng that Shean Wenn will sometimes swing her scribbler board by holding to its pen. When asked in horror what is she doing : she replies she is FISHING! Where did she get the idea from? I really don't know. But I was SO afraid she might swing it and it accidentally fly off from her grasp & hit herself, or the tv, or me! So Meng says let's just buy her a fishing game if we can find it. We managed to find one in Smyths and bought it straightaway . Meng also bought a Hello Kitty DVD, and 2 Wiggles DVD for her.

This is a video of her "fishing" - this was taken this morning, her first morning playing with it! She is very excited because everytime she comes home from outside, she will run to find it and sit down & fish!

NOTE : * Bank Holiday = Public Holiday


chip-pea said...

Cool toys!! Look how she arranged the fishes in a line. So neat! I think Tobey would just fling it off the hook as fast as he could...hehehe

Little Munchkins said...

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love discovering new blogs.

Yes, you are right, I am in Melbourne. Have you been here before since you seem to know it?

Thanks too for your comment about my daughter's dress. Sewing is a hobby I picked up a couple of years ago and it's great to be able to sew up something for my kids at times.

Will be back to your blog for sure :)

Tsu Lin + + said...

ML : Yeah, these toys are pretty cool - for the "create & play" one, she gets a new toy everyday (yday she asked us to make her a robot!). I am sure Tobey will be pretty good at the fishing game too.

Munchkins'-mom (How do I address you?) : Thanks for dropping by mine. Hubby's from Melb and we sometimes go back for hol. Just went bk in Dec/Jan and I got to experience the Melb Summer - OMG 43.7c! :)

Really enjoyed looking at your sewing projects. Do update more! Will be dropping by your blog more often!

cherylthinktank said...

Wah, Toy 1 is really cool. When I have kids next time I must get something similar. Heck, I'll really just be buying it for myself hahaha.

Toy 2, her hand is quite steady and precise there. Surgeon in the making maybe? :D Hope all is well with u!


Tsu Lin + + said...

Cheryl : Yeah, usually the toys we buy for the kids are really actually meant for us! :P

Hey, how have you been? Haven't seen you updating your blog lately. Miss looking at ALL your beautiful handiwork & all your sewing projects! And that reminds me I need to reply to your e-mail a long time ago.

KC Tan said...

Wow.. amazing to see SW's new toy - the one from ELC. And she is so clever , i agreed she is neat placing the fishy one by one, side by side. Bravo for mummy & SW.

cherylthinktank said...

I've been good, sweet of you to ask! I've been sewing and reading more these days, so I've been neglecting my blog and flickr a bit. And I can't blog about the things I'm sewing now because my customer wants to be surprised! Hehe, so when I sew something else, I'll blog about that instead.

No worries about the email ya, I'm happy to read about your latest adventures here. :D

Cheryl x

Melissa said...

SW's such a clever tot! Can't wait to see her next.


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