Sunday, 18 April 2010

Oh, what a week!

The past week has been "eventful".

The hub flew off on Tue to somewhere in North Africa. The same day, I had invited my friend Laura over for lunch. Five minutes before she arrived, there was a small accident in the kitchen - something fell on something and causing everything to come crashing down, and my pyrex with the wat tan hor in it crashed to the ground & smashed into a hundred pieces. Needless to say, we did not have lunch at home that day. After cleaning up, Laura suggested we go out for lunch. We ended up in Nandos.

(The extent of the volcanic ash. Image from BBC News)

Thur morning I read reports of the Eyjafjallajoekull volcano ash disrupting flight services in the UK. When I first read it, the grounded rule should only apply to 1800 that evening. Meng was due to fly back the day after. However by Thur afternoon, flights were cancelled until early Sat morning. He rescheduled for a Sat PM flight but that had to be cancelled too. More disruptions ensued. On BBC website today, a grim message reads "The UK is enduring a fourth day as a virtual no-fly zone, as the travel chaos caused by volcanic ash drifting from Iceland shows no sign of ending."

Shean Wenn misses her dad alot. Her mornings, when he will the the one cheerfully greeting her & picking her up from her cot, has being replaced with a grumpy & very sleepy mommy. First few days of Meng's absence, I had to leave her in her cot for a few minutes to give her some "time-out sessions" because she simply didn't want MOMMY! After she has gathered her thoughts (usually by singing to herself or just playing), she will call out for me again.

The volcanic ashes travel chaos continues...... Meanwhile, on twitter-land, volcanic jokes are making the rounds, one chuckles "Last time you Poms (read : Brits) got the Ashes you were over the moon. There's no pleasing some people." Another witty one "Heard on the radio "Britain to Iceland : "We said send cash, not ash!""

To top off the eventful-ness, our dear daughter last night decided to play with the curtains despite me warning her few minutes before that not to do so, she must have tugged and pulled on it really hard because the curtain & the rods came tumbling down. It scared her. Luckily she is fine. But she still deserved a few smacks on the bottom for misbehaving.

Kind friends have been nice enough to go out lunches with me, or bring me to the shops to do my grocery shopping. :)

On more positive notes : This week, weather-wise it has been fabulous! Average of 15c (but felt like 19c) and highs of 19c (which would mean if you stand in the sun, it may feel like 24c. VERY WARM!). Just too bad Meng isn't here to enjoy the glorious sunshine with us. Hopefully he will come back as scheduled in the next few days & 3 of us will be a happy family again. Yayy!

The Chip-Peas bought a trunki for Shean Wenn as early birthday present & she gets to choose it. Trunki is a luggage/ride-on/pull-along. She chose a ladybird design. It arrived within 2 days & she is so ecstatic! She was riding it at home telling me "Ok, bye bye mommy, I'm going to the supermarket." "Hi mommy, I am back! I bought some vegetables" - when asked what vegetables? "Carrots & tomatoes".

A really ingenious product for the kids, especially to while away their time at the airport!


Roslyn said...

My sister is not able to come afterall. :(

My girls had done the same thing to curtain rods like SW too! I just mended the holes this afternoon (became bigger and the plugs are coming loose). Children.

Cheryl said...

Wah, what a week it has been for you. I wish all this ash would clear up soon, and your husband could return home. Just a little while more little SW...!

That was a pretty witty tweet though hehe.

The weather was indeed lovely last weekend, especially Saturday. No clouds, for reals! :)

And the trunki is so cute!!


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