Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Attempt #92385 at potty-training : FAIL!

(Her smile here really looks like Meng's, doesn't it?)

Many parents have been blogging about their potty-training success/progress as early as when their kids turn 1YO. Me, I never! Why? I tell friends I didn't find it crucial for her to be stressed out going diaperless. And then,.. I add "It's also because I am lazy". Most moms can understand that even as a stay-at-home-mom, there are other more pressing issues or higher priority errands to complete in our day-to-day management of the house & the kiddo.

Anyway, I think I properly started in summer of last year. She was 2YO and could understand simple instructions so I thought it would be a good idea. It didn't work, so now I am trying again.
Why I failed :

1. Inconsistent
Some days diaper off, some days on. Usually I find it too tiring the next day after a full day of diaperless having to wipe, disinfect, clean her & changing her to new trousers. So the next day I just left her diaper on. Recipe for failure!

2. No follow-through
Sometimes after a minor-accident, I rush her to the toilet & tell her to "shuu shuu" there. I stand there for a minute & then left her to do her stuff. I'd be cleaning up the accident-site. I asked her "Did you shuu shuu?", "YES MOMMY! I also wash my hands already!". I will accept her answer & that's it. I never knew or have actually seen her peeing, to be honest. She could be taking me for a ride all this while.

It also didn't help that the pre-school that I want to enrol her in this Sep says not to force them to go diaperless. "Let them naturally get used to it & master it". Hey, I love this motto.

But enrolling her into Ballet last week, I was instructed that they need to be diaperless. So here I am, TRYING my hardest to make this work. She just had 1 accident so far & now she is sleeping with a diaper. Tomorrow, we will not be continuing this again because we will be going out. Maybe when we come back I can let her roam free without her diaper. We'll see. **Big sigh**


KC Tan said...

You know where you fall, get back up from there. We moral support you, think of the ease when she finally learn. My own exp, it took longer than 2 weeks for YS. PaiSeh-ness keep happening because he poo in front of my customer at the counter platform and so. YS even poo n wet two pants in a row at my supplier place. He have to borrow one unless towel make sarong the whole day. After the training, I sometimes even forgot he still keep one pant in his small bag. keep it up, mummy, keep it going..

chip-pea said...

Add oil TL!

mun said...

She smiles so sweetly sitting on the toilet seat - must be happy to be doing her business there!

LionGirl said...

So cute your little girl!
My mahjong buddy told me she used to sing the song "Shanghai Beach" by Francis Yip to her daughter when she potty trained her.
Maybe you can give it a try!

Tsu Lin + + said...

KC : Thanks! Really hardwork for the parents but at the same time, alot of funny stories to be shared.. hahaha!! All in the name of "experience".

Mei Ling : :D Teehee.. success at long last. I never thought i'd see the light at the end of this tunnel.

Mun : Haha.. good observation. I actually asked her to smile for the camera.

Lion Girl : Hey, thanks for stopping by. Your mahjong buddy's technique is really interesting! I've never heard of this method but her daughter is too cute to associate "Shanghai Beach" with toilet biz. HAHA.. too funny. Maybe it's a good idea to have a "toilet" song.


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