Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Funny faces

23 Mar 2010 : 32 Months Old
One day short of being 33 Months old and she's still the cheeky little girl that she's always been.

This morning whilst I was still in bed, Shean Wenn came running into my room saying "Mommy look!! Funny face!" - she had a cheese stick that Meng gave her in the morning across her mouth forming a "smile" (he makes her milk & sometimes give her her junk food breakfast before he leaves for work). There was once, months ago, she used the banana that I gave to her as a "smiley" on her face saying the same. I think she is imitating her fav CBeeBies character "Mr Tumble"/Justin.

Today is filled with many "Funny faces" moments.. later she did these.

Funny face #2 : Starry-eyed.

Funny face #3 : Her drawing of a face with stickers - nice touch eh?

And my favourite photo of Shean Wenn with my grandma taken last December when we went back for a 2-week holiday (which is too short. Holidays with family should be at least 1 month! How I miss my family.)

**** Developmental Updates *****

Verbally, she is very expressive & can speak in complete sentences describing things in detailed. I must remind myself to take a video of her one day. When asked about what she did today at the nursery, she can describe accurately to her dad.

Sometimes without asking, she will like to share what she thinks of something, for example how do you eat beans and bread (not toast because I don't have a toaster) or what Timmy (the sheep) is doing on tv. "Timmy is playing in the park mommy. Timmy plays with his friends, got doggy, cat, caterpillar. Timmy is so naughty, look, he is pulling out the flowers! What a naughty Timmy. Now they going on the bus... whoooooooo..... "

She also likes singing and knows the lyrics to alot of songs. I remember while in Port Dickson (Msia, holidaying with my parents & brother), she impressed my brother so much with her "entertainment" of kiddy songs for an hour. Hehe!

Chinese songs : I bought a chinese songs DVD while in Malaysia and put it on for her about 3 or 4 times a week 2 months ago. I think after listening to it less than 15 times, she could sing some of the songs. She even dared correct my "lyrics" (I made some up because I am not familiar with chinese songs) saying "No mummy!!! Yue guang guang, zai hu chang". Now she can recite most of the songs there pretty well. She may not understand what it means but she certainly knows her lyrics!

She can explain to me what a few of the songs mean because I explained to her once. I must say she has very good memory too. It is quite funny how she will sing "Ni shi lan duo chuong x 2, ni de yi shen dou shi tong" (Translation : You're a lazy bum x 2, your whole body is in pain) explaining to me that the Koko (boy) is having tummy pain because he never exercise! Meng says this song is for me - The nerve!


Anonymous said...

She's a very clever little girl! Good job, mummy!

mun said...

It's amazing how good her memory is! And she has a great sense of humour as well. :)

Tsu Lin + + said...

Thanks Siew & Mun :) Really rewarding to see her growth, I'm treasuring every moment.

Bing said...

Hi Tsu Lin, your little girl is SO cute! She made me smile with those cheeky faces.

Little Munchkins said...

She's such a gorgeous little girl. I sometimes give my kids cheese for brekfast too ;)


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