Thursday, 21 January 2010

Writing "A"

This morning I taught her how to write the letter "A". She usually makes alphabets-like scribbles on pieces of papers & will say "I am writing A, B, C!". Usually it is just C that she writes but today I decided that maybe I should teach her to write "A". She learns very fast.

Those dark A's were written by me, assisting her using her hands. And the A's in the pink circles were written by her. Very good 1st effort at it, I shoudl say. :)


chip-pea said...

Ei,she's good lar..the last A was quite a confident one too!

KC Tan said...

Good girl.. she is really a fast learner.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! She is very VERY good! Good job, mummy!

Tsu Lin + + said...

Thanks ladies : she is good because she shows an interest in this. If it's about potty training, there has been no progress whatsoever. So, I have to be patient about training her that. Hehe. I envy all of you who have successfully potty-trained your kids.


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