Monday, 13 December 2010

*Squigs and prawns

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Pointing to the bowl of baked beans with eggs for our dinner tonight, Shean Wenn tells me :

"Save some for papa, ok?"
"It's ok, we can finish it because he's not coming home for dinner tonight"
"Huh? Then he is going to buy food?"
"Squigs and prawns???""
"I think so"
**Claps her hands!!** Yes, I am not kidding, she actually clapped her hands in excitement.
"Ohh.... I'm so excited!"
"What are you so excited about?"
"I'm very excited mummy! Are you excited??!"
"Daddy's buying SQUIGS and prawns! I'm so excited."

This is what she has been coveting from her dad's dinner. Salt & pepper squids or prawns, or both!(Salt & pepper squid, image from

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snow in November

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We woke up to a light dusting of snow in the morning. I made Shean Wenn's milk and after that prepared her for school as usual. The hub volunteered to drive us to school, so he went down to get the car. 2 minnutes later, he called to say it's better to stay home today because he was afraid it'll snow all day and I'd be snowed in and not be able to go get her from school later. Yayy! A "holiday" for me, i suppose.

The last time it snowed was last year, in February. This has gotta be the coldest November ever!

Since we're all changed, I brought Shean Wenn down to look at the snow. She REALLY LOVES IT!!

Assessing the situation : She is fascinated by the snow!

Loving it!
Touching snow...

Smile for another photo : before I ask her to head back home - didn't want my camera to get soaked.

On the way back home, she told me this :

"Mummy, later can I make a snowman? With carrot nose, raisin eyes and a big smiley face"

"That sounds nice, but what about his hat?"

"Oh! Umm.. I can give him my hat! He can wear my hat, see?"

It is still snowing as I'm writing this but no, i'm not going to bring her down to make a snowman. Frankly there isn't enough snow anyway, but even if there is, I'm not bothered. It's too cozy to just stay at home. Snow isn't my kinda thing. Gimme the sun & beach anytime!

She's still bugging me to bring her down to make a snowman.. I foresee it'll be a long day trying to find something for her to do while we're at home.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Sweet Shean Wenn

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(Shean Wenn chirpy & smiley at 815am and 5 celsius - waiting for school to open its gates)

On Tue while having lunch with one of SW's teachers in school (a kind Japanese lady), she told me about something that Shean Wenn did in school. In the morning, one of SW's friend, a boy called Michael fell down and scraped his legs and was crying. Shean Wenn went and drew an art and passed it to him so that he will feel better. It seems that cheered him up and he stopped crying. "She's really sweet", Chinatsu the teacher said.

And then SW also did a few other drawings to give out to her friends, one to Ashley and another one to another girl.

I can't help but feel very happy inside knowing she's so caring - infact at home she has done many drawings and told me "This is for Papa, I will keep it and show him later."

A few times, she has also done drawings for her teachers (but has never passed them the paintings because we'll either bin it or she just forgot about it before she goes out) : Gillian/Chinatsu/Annette or one to be given to one of her little friends Joyee/Ashley/Tobey/Kaka/Pooja/Alesha.. etc..

Once she drew a drawing for Pooja and wrote her name there too! She pointed to the painting and told me "This is for Pooja" and you can clearly see her handwriting P O O J ("A" was found somewhere else but I was still really surprised she knows how to spell her name). And how did she know how to spell her name? I think it must be from seeing Pooja's name on the bag that the school gives each of them for keeping their clothing essentials (extra shirts/trousers/socks/undies) which is hung outside their classroom. I think that's really sharp of her to notice that and to remember it!

She's also quite popular in school with both the teachers & kids. The teachers think she's a really funny girl because SW likes to chat and talk to them, and because of her (easygoing and loving-to-share) nature, she must've told them some funny incidents. Like the time when I took her Wellies home the day before because it was raining when I came to pick her up so asked her to wear those instead of her nice suede boots; and forgotten to bring them back the next day for her morning outdoor activity! She went up to teacher Sally saying "My mummy forgot to bring my wellies today. SILLY BILLY MUMMY!", I saw Sally cracked a smile and nodded telling her oh dear. Oh gosh, I was just standing next to them when she said that! Sally turned to me and smiled, i just smiled back sheepishly.

When I came to pick her up in the afternoon, teacher Gillian told me "So she's been telling everyone that her mummy forgot to bring her wellies today!" ;) "Oh did she?? I bet she did!"

Monday, 1 November 2010

The Apple never falls far from the Tree

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Further proof of the old adage "The Apple never falls far from the Tree" ....
(Obviously, she is the apple of our eyes)

1. One day after picking her up from nursery, I had the same conversation I would have with her regarding what she did at school. She tells me about what they had for snack that day :

"Mummy, we had an orange colour(ed) soup today in school."
"Oh, you mean pumpkin soup?" (I know this because I saw the nursery teachers harvesting the pumpkins from the garden few days ago - very impressive and on this morning when I send SW off to school, the teachers, helped by the kids, were cutting up pumpkins)
"Yes. But i don't nike (like) it at all! It's yucky"
"Why don't you like it?"
"It doesn't taste good"
"Aww, then what soup do you like?"
"I like lin-ngau (lotus root) soup! It's my favourite!"

Heh. So you see, lotus root soup is her ultimate favourite! And like her daddy (haha), she isn't too adventurous in her food. Malaysian food is the way to go, it seems.

2. Another snack time conversation went like this :

"We had rice and honey and yoghurt today"
"Wow! Did you like it?"
"No, not at all! I don't nike (like) it at all. I don't nike the honey on my rice. I told teacher no honey & yoghurt on my rice please." (I have to admit it sounded abit ... strange for me too)
"So, what did you have then?"
"I eat my rice ONLY"

(Her teacher actually reported to me earlier that SW only ate her rice alone - without honey & yoghurt on it, which is how they eat it in the nursery. Beats me, I wonder why on earth would someone eat brown rice with honey & yoghurt. Very strange!)

Shean Wenn also likes her rice alot.

3. Few hours before dinner.

"Mummy, can I have sambau (sambal) with rice later?"

She is, a Malaysian through and through!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Book Reading : Some Dogs Do

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One of Shean Wenn's favourite hobby is reading! Every night before her bedtime, she likes to sit on our bed, sometimes by herself, usually with Meng and both of them will go through her books. During this time, I'm usually busy washing up the dishes in the kitchen so I seldom read to her before she sleeps. Anyway, she has a few of her fav books. One of them is by Jez Alborough, entitled "Some Dogs Do". I didn't realise she knows all the words (by memorising, I suppose) and found that out one day while I was reading to her during the day as I was "forcing/training" her to get her afternoon nap - she really doesn't like sleeping during the day. Anyway, sometimes while i fall asleep during the day with her by my side, I will wake up and knock over a tower of books left there by SW!!! And I mean A TOWER of them!

This book, "Some Dogs Do" is really fabulous because the storyline is so engaging, his sentences rhyme nicely and it is punctuated with so much humour. And at the end of it, there is a good Moral of the story - which is to tell kids that, although some people may not think you can do something, you should strive to achieve it against all odds ("Now Sid, you shouldn't lie," She said. "All dogs walk and jump & run, but dog's don't fly - it can't be done" - and at the end of the book, you'll see why Sid can fly... "Do dogs fly? Is it True? Some dogs don't, and some dogs do.") I love it too! Would recommend you to get it except you prob can't get a new book as it's given out for free in the bookpack that the UK gives out - under the Bookstart programme. This was found (i believe) in the 3-year-old's pack - there were 2 or 3 books with colour pencils, some drawing block & money-off voucher.

Meng loves the book so much, he actually bought more books from Jez, but I think Some Dogs Do is still the best!

Shean Wenn has also learnt all her alphabets - uppercase & lowercases and she loves spelling them out. You'll see in the beginning of the video. She can also spell & write her name now, which she does very fondly everytime she has a pen/pencil/crayon on her.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Feels like Christmas already..!

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Actually the post title has 2 meanings :

1 ) Retailers have already been marketing & selling their christmas ornaments, merchandise and knick-knacks to entice customers.. Look what Momiji did! A new design by Fiona Lee based in Australia. Oh boy, hard to stop drooling, fingers to the click!

2) October has been a pretty good month for me in the sense that I have been lucky enough to "win" in a few contests.. Firstly, I got a Pink Lining bag just for posting up a photo on their page (due to some PR glitch).

(The Pink Lining bag courtesy of Pink Lining)

Secondly, I also won a "Tomo Giveaway" on Bing's website - how lucky! So here goes.. introducing...
Piu-ya (PURE in Japanese)

We got this in the mail last week and first thing that strike me was what beautiful handwriting! Bing's handwriting looks like some type-face font, so neat & such nice cursive.

I got SW's Jap teacher to translate the words on the toy & she told me it means Pure, and then i thought what a nice coincidence because my middle name is which loosely translates to pure (you usually see it in vegetarian dish, meaning SIMPLE).

Shean Wenn grabbed it as soon as she saw the little yellow fellow!

And I've been reading online tutorials on how to create comic-strip effect on photos. My biggest problem is, I need a better storyboard to go with my photos...

THANK YOU SO MUCH, Story of Bing!

Monday, 20 September 2010

First day of Nursery : SW reports

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After collecting her from nursery at noon, I asked her if she enjoyed her day? Did she have fun? What did she eat during snack time?

Her answers :

Yes, I like my school. Today teacher gave me some apples & grapes. And she also gave me some rice. She gave me rice with honey. But I don't like it. No, I didn't finish it at all. I wet my shirt because I play with the water & I splash splash splash around in the garden so teacher helped me change. She took out my shirt & then put this shirt on. I also draw today, mommy. Using crayons - red, yellow & orange colour. I got 2 friends and one is Kaka & another one is a boy. No, I don't know his name, I never asked him. I go to shh-shh (wee wee in toilet) THREE times today! No, I didn't flush it. Hahaha. Yeah, because it's too noud (loud).

First day of Nursery

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Finally, the day I have been waiting for!

At first I was a little sad that I would not be sending her off for her 1st day of nursery since I was summoned for Jury Duty. But I managed to defer it for 2 more weeks so that I could help settle her in for her first 2 weeks of nursery.

She went to bed last night with cold & sneezes and woke up the same but she was still looking very much forward to school. We packed her bags on Friday and I have put a set of clothes & plenty of underwear & socks for her in a a bag and she has her own bagpack which has her plimsolls/slippers (for indoors), her upsy-daisy doll & hankerchief. This morning before we went out the door, she reminded me "Mummy, did you put my panties inside?" I told her I put them in the big bag but she wanted me to put one in her own backpack. I quickly took one out from the big bag & put it into her backpack - which is a giraffe-shaped bag. She is happy.

We then walked the 20mins to nursery with her sitting in her stroller, some uphill tasks here for me. AT the nursery, because she has been here on many occasions for playgroups since she was 9MO, she settled in very well after I made sure she went to the toilet & changed her into her outdoor clothes. I waved her goodbye & said I'd be back to pick her up later. She was busy playing in the sandpit with her friend Karmen (Kaka). I then walked the whole 20mins back again home & on my way, wondered what I should do with "so much time"!!! I had GRAND PLANS of preparing tonight's dinner (satay) & making sambal, and of course, preparing her lunch so she could come back to warm food. But it is already 1030am now and I haven't started on anything. Are you even surprised?? Haha.

Anyway, it's been a good day so far, sunny & warm-ish (about 18c). I'm liking this.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Favourite TV Shows : Aussie-influences

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Amongst the many TV shows that Shean Wenn just LOVES, are these 2 from Australia. When she was about 1YO, the paternal grandparents gave a HI-5 DVD and said they were one of the bestselling groups on Aus, I put it on for her once & she never glanced more than 5 minutes. Fine, I then chuck it aside and hoping she'd know how to appreciate it one day. Anyhow, in Jan this year when we went back to Aus & SW met her 2 cousins for the 1st time, she also met Wiggles for the 1st time. She was hooked.

1) The Wiggles : After that when we were browsing the shelves in the local toy-shop here (Smyths, awesome!) and found they stock up Wiggles, we bought a few titles for her. It was only about £4-5 each. From then, everytime SW asks to watch a show, it would be "WIGGLES PLEASE MOMMY!". She can memorise all the songs, all the characters, all their antics, their funny trivia, she can tell us. Her favourite character is also Anthony. Her fav songs are "The big red car" (and a few more which I can't seem to recall now).

2) Hi-5 : She got into Hi-5 just 2 months back when Meng was recording it for her in the mornings. I guess this girl really likes to jive to music, esp those with catchy tunes. The Hi-5 is the UK group (not the Aus version) and her favourite character is a girl in pink (what else)! And the her ultimate favourite song is FEELINGS.

"Feelings go up,
feelings go down,
There's lots of feelings spinning round & round & round,
Sometimes they're good,
Sometimes they're bad....

Here's a video of her dancing to the song with all the right choreographed steps which she has been "practicing". She usually sings along to it but when she knows she is being video-d, she hesitated.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Baking craze : Chiffon cake

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I have always ALWAYS loved eating chiffon cakes, this has been going on for many years since my teens. Such a simple cake right? I guess I like its light, fluffy texture and that it isn't too sweet and seems pretty guiltless eating it. I could probably devour a whole cake on my own in a day if I have less self-control!

When I was working in BP, a colleague of mine, a very good friend & neighbour who used to carpool me home and who happens to be a super cook will bake my favourite ORANGE CHIFFON! Her chiffon cake is really light, airy & fluffy. And she is really generous too. On my trip back to Msia in Dec/Jan, she brought over the BIGGEST chiffon cake I've ever seen! Anyway, she has attempted to teach me but at that time (6 years ago), the instructions & ingredients seem a little too intimidating so I have just been contented eating those lousy and not to mention EXPENSIVE chiffon cakes I can get in London (usually sold by chinese bakery).

Anyway, one day I stumbled upon Rasa Malaysia's Nyonya site which had the most tempting chiffon cake recipe. I looked at it & pondered about it for many days. Sigh, first and foremost, I don't even have the appliances - electric mixer & the tube pan. But reading the recipe for almost a week, I decided it is too easy not to do it so I borrowed both stuff from a friend.

My first attempt was an Orange Chiffon cake and it was a GREAT success. Well, at least the texture was right although the cake didn't look too nice. I found out later that you need to use the right tube pans, those aluminium ones and they cannot be non-stick (else it will not "drop out" when you turn it to cool). Over the next few weeks, whenever I can get my hands on my friend's tube pan, I'd be baking chiffon cakes. Shean Wenn & I can eat one cake every 2 days, sometimes I bring it out if we're meeting friends for playdates.

Anyway, a week later we bought extra pandan leaves & I decided to give the Pandan Chiffon cake a go and oh boy, the aroma is brilliant. I didn't use any food colouring for it and its green came from solely from the pandan leaves.

Pandan Chiffon Cake : Made from All Natural Ingredients
Upon request from Shean Wenn, I have also baked a Chocolate Chiffon Cake for her. It too, was a great success! I've been baking it a few times for her and she really loves it. (Shean Wenn's favourite wink, ala the Hello Kitty wink!)

Now, I'm thinking how I should get a tube pan from Msia/US. They don't sell the same ones here in UK - here they sell the non-stick ones and they used it to bake Angel Cake, instead.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Daddy's girl

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(Shean Wenn & daddy at the foot of Statue of Liberty, Staten Island, NYC. Nov 2008)

Just proving that she is, indeed daddy's girl!

This is my conversation with her this morning as I lie on my bed.

TL : "Shean Wenn, what is your favourite colour?"
SW :"Pink!"

TL : "What do you like to do the most? Drawing, painting, playing in the park?"
SW : "I like swimming!"

TL : "Shean Wenn, who is your favourite friend?"
SW : "Ummm.... Joyee!"

TL : "Then who is your favourite boy?"
SW : *thinks for awhile* "PAPA!"

(Port Dickson, Dec 2009)

Daddy was so happy to hear it when I recalled the incident to him later (he was busy in the kitchen) nodding his head and beaming, "Of course I'm her fav!"

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Preparing for kindergarten : Outdoor uniform

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It's August already! Time surely flies.. but usually time feels like it's flying faster during summer because there are just so much to do everyday. In a month's time, Shean Wenn will be starting her first day in Kindergarten. I've been psychologically preparing her for the big day and she seems very excited.

I remind her constantly :

- If any of her friends hit or scold her, she needs to inform the teacher ("Which teacher, mummy?", she asks) and also she should tell me about it at the end of the day. I know kids sometimes play rough but I'm trying to prepare her so that she does not get bullied in school. Of course, she isn't too "siu cheh" that anyone who touches her will spark her off... (so far, she isn't like that.)

- Potty training has been going well so far with her but sometimes accidents happen. So I told her if she has pee-ed or poo-ed in her pants, she should ask for help to change into new ones. I kept reminding her to wash her hands after she goes to the toilet too!

- Outdoor play : From experience, I know she likes playing with water outside so I remind her that if during play time, she has wet her clothes, she should ask to be changed into dry clothes.

The kindergarten that we enrolled her is based on the Steiner-Waldorf philosophy and they put alot of emphasis on learning through play and also stress that kids need to have ample time outdoor with nature. So come rain or shine (except during thunderstorm, i think but UK seldom have thunderstorms), summer or winter, they will spend their mornings outside playing in the garden. Shean Wenn knows the set-up of this kindergarten pretty well because I bring her there for playgroup since she was about 9 months old, so she will not be having culture shock when she goes there next month.

For a start, we will be putting her for 3 half-day sessions. However, as she has outgrown the red Ferrari outdoor attire I bought for her 2 years ago, I was looking around to buy her another suitable one. My friend Jessica who has a daughter in this kindergarten pointed me to the right direction and I bought a "bib & brace" type of waterproof attire for her - she chose the colour & pattern! She chose a PINK one, naturally!

When the attire arrived, I taught her how to put it on so that on her first day of class, she will know what to expect.

These are some of the photos of her wearing her outdoor attire. She'll be having loads of fun outdoor! :)

The only regret I have is having to miss her 1st day at school! Daddy will be sending her off and my friend's nanny will collect her and take care of her until Meng picks her up.

Friday, 13 August 2010


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Whiskey, originally uploaded by decapix2008.

.. is our dog in Msia. I saw this photo on my brother's flickr and thought, "What a funny girl (the dog), there she goes again."

During the evenings, she is fond of sitting in the "longkang" this way. (This part of the drain is usually dry & clean) Prob a good way to observe the world passing by...

I remember we adopted her from SPCA in August 2005. She's now 5 years old in human years and 35 in dog years - wow she's older than me now!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Ballet Class : End of Term Parents' Day

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I meant to blog this earlier before my memory becomes hazy but it has taken me almost a month after that to do so! Anyway, her 1st term of ballet classes from Apr-Jul 2010 went pretty well.

Her term started in April and at that time, she was 2 years 10 months old. The first day of class was pretty chaotic with parents scrambling to get the uniforms, get the feet measured for their ballet shoes and settling the kids. Shean Wenn was pretty clingy the 1st two classes and wanted me to be next to her throughout the class. However, by the 3rd class, she has settled on herself and allow me to be away from her but still in the room. By the 4th class, the teacher has requested that I leave the class :( (There were about 2 other kids who still needed their moms next to them. Infact, one of my friend's daughter refused to join the class and will sit & watch from the floor). Different kids, different strokes, eh.

Anyway both Meng & I can tell that she enjoys her ballet classes very much and she is very enthusiastic about her lessons. The only qualms I have is that I have to wake up at 7am every Saturday morning to prepare her for the class, and I'm not exactly a morning person! I do make sure that she gets her milk & some breakfast before her class so that she isn't hungry during her dances. I know how it feels having to attend classes on an empty stomach and it isn't a ncie feeling.

10 July 2010 : Last day of term and Parent's Day.
This is the day the parents are invited into the class to witness what the kids do during their ballet classes. The class is also conducted in a different hall from her usual class (a much better place with mirrors on the wall and laminated flooring instead of cement floor!). Also, Ms Lydie the ballet teacher has decided to hire a pianist accompanying the class (this is for next term). I think it makes so much more sense.

1) Start of the class : Teacher ensuring the kids do some warm-up by asking them to sit up straight & tall and doing their "pointy toes"/"bunny ears".
2) Forming a circle
3) Everyone in a circle sitting down during one of their various activities.
4) Ms Lydie guiding Shean Wenn to sit up straight & tall.
5 & 6) Listening and following instructions from the teacher.
7) Ms Lydie guiding the class.

Here're some videos I took of the class :
1 : One of their activities (alot of imagination involved)

2) Shean Wenn doing the Pony Trot : When I watched it again, i went "Awwww!" - my heart skipped a beat as I watch my not-so-little daughter progress in class.

Proud parents with Shean Wenn. She's actually a real morning person just like her dad! Mommy is the night-owl (see, I'm still editing & blogging this at 1am).

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

June travels : BANGKOK

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(Patreeya & Shean Wenn cycling at the park. Bangkok 8 June 2010)

June was a particularly eventful, and busy month. It was also the month of Shean Wenn's birthday. Early June, Shean Wenn and I boarded the dutch airlines KLM to Malaysia. Two days later, still very jetlagged, we took another flight out of KL (Malaysia) into Bangkok, Thailand. Many people were saying this is a little brave/risky move but we were going there to meet family (Meng's family). The flight form KL to Bkk is approximately 2 hours and we flew via MAS this time, because it was comparatively cheaper than Air Asia's promotion of "free tickets to Bangkok to support the Thai people", so much for being a budget airline, eh?
(Enjoying in-flight food : Haagen Dazs. MAS 7 June 2010)

I'm pretty impressed that in this afternoon flight, MAS actually provided lunch of Satay + Rice and desserts and not to mention freeflow of juices (Sorry my darling Shean Wenn, orange juice for you because MAS doesn't serve apple juice for cattle class). The Pièce de résistance is of course their ice-cream : Haagen Dazs (Ex-boss Jason Fong did a good job negotiating for his brand of ice-cream to MAS). Shean Wenn had already chomped down the satay and was still going strong, when she saw the ice-cream, her face lit up & she couldn't wait to eat the ice-cream. The air-steward actually gave us one tub each and SW managed to singularly finish her portion! Even I was feeling full after the satay meal (which was pretty good, even for plane food). Needless to say, we didn't have much for dinner that evening after landing in Bkk and arriving at SIL Daphne's home around 8pm.

Our main purpose visiting Bkk is actually for Shean Wenn to be re-acquainted to her cousins, grandparents & aunty & uncle. So I don't have an itinery to shop nor visit any of the tourist places (I've done that many years ago anyway). I thought I could have a relaxing time and just sit & chill out. INSTEAD, I was in for a surprise.

5 days flew by so fast... everyday there is somewhere to be gone : We'd be out of the house by 930am and be back at 4pm, rest and if we're not eating at home, we'd be heading out for dinner.

DAY 2 (8 Jun) : Daphne suggested that we could bring the kids to a park nearby (I forgot the name) and rent bikes for them to cycle. I thought it would be a good idea! But what I did not anticipate was the heat. By the time we came out of the taxi and pushing the rented-bikes, I had sweat buckets. Bkk heat is really different from KL-heat (KL is in a valley, hence more cooling at this time of the year). Anyway, I persevered. The kids, esp SW seemed to not notice the heat and she was gleefully cycling along with Patreeya. SW hasn't cycled much before this so it was not surprising that she is still learning the ropes of cycling. She picked up pretty fast although still needs practice maneuvering the bike.
(With the family. Bangkok 8 June 2010)

After what seemed like an eternity (for me), we came to the kid's playground and there is when the kids get to "rest". I think the eternity was probably only 25mins or less but I welcomed this break! Patreeya & Shean Wenn explored the playground and went on many rides, slides & swings. Ok, SW does not like swings so she just looked on. They also had a break drinking water. Then it was time to go back.

Shean Wenn cycled for abit and decided she doesn't want to cycle anymore so mommy (ME) had to pull her bike all the way back!! (Along with my new camera which I was trying not to scratch or get any sweat on it). Shean Wenn had fun exploring the park and its flora with her grandparents and cousin. After that, we walked out to get a taxi to the nearest shopping mall! Like Malaysia, we like going to malls, where else can you go at 37c? Once we hit the mall, with air-cond blasting, I felt more comfortable. SW by this time was of course pretty tired out by her adventure today and fell asleep.
(Patreeya & Shean Wenn's antics in the "BURBERRY" cab we took. Bangkok 8 June 2010)

We spent the rest of the day shopping here.

During the evening, Marwin (SW's older cousin) came up to me and said something very cheeky which caught me off-guard. He said, as a matter of fact : "Ah Kam, how come you didn't buy alot of presents for me and baby Patreeya? Why only 2 presents?".

:-/ Kids say the darndest thing!!

Day 3 (9 Jun): More shopping! In the evening, we had a small birthday celebration for Shean Wenn. I bought a chocolate cake for her in the afternoon and she gets to blow out the candles surrounded by her cousins and grandparents. Then, FIL, SIL & I went out for a massage. It was after the massage that I started experiencing mild gastric pain/food poisoning.

Day 4 : Daphne has been planning to go for an expo selling designer goods. Unfortunately this year's event wasn't as interesting so the only purchases made that day were food, in particular the Tao Kae Noi Seaweed ! Yes, Thailand has a good brand of seaweed. I regret not buying more because SW loves eating seaweed. Day 5 : Somehow during one of the days while chatting with SIL Daphne, we discovered that we both knew Lilian from Wrong Side of 30 (WSo30) - What a coincidence! I have been reading WSo30 for a good few years now and have became "friends" with Lilian but have never met her in person. Daphne on the other hand, met her once at a function at the embassy. So the only reasonable thing to do was to arrange to meet up! We managed to squeeze a meeting amidst both of our busy schedules... Lilian came with gifts for SW. A red bag filled with goodies any girls will want! Thanks alot Lilian. Unfortunately, Lilian forbade me to post up photos of her. So you probably won't believe me if I'd say she's tall, gorgeous & very cheeky!
So that concludes our trip to Bangkok. It's really too short a trip and I hope we will return to visit again, but this time for a longer period of time. :) Thanks to Daphne & Ekk for being wonderful & obliging hosts. Next time I must remember to bring more gifts for the kids ;)

PS : I just noticed none of the photos have me in it! :P

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Potty Training success : So sudden?!

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Strangely, two days after I wrote & lament about how I would never be able to potty train my darling daughter, she decided to just prove me wrong. (A good thing, it is).

**-- Alot of info ahead, if you are squirmish, stop reading. You have been warned --**

What happened was, on 30 Apr, I decided to continue my efforts of potty training. I left her diaperless for 6 hours that day. In that duration, she prob rushed to the loo about 8 times but had 1 accident which I patiently wiped away. During tea time that day as she & I were sitting on the sofa having "sa-ke-mah" (沙琪瑪 or Sachima), she suddenly rushed off shouting "I need to go to the toilet!!" (yes, she really did say that in a very "urgent manner"). After about what seemed like a long time, I decided to check on her. I asked if she has finished? She said no. I would've left her at that except I smelt something. I did a second glance in the toilet bowl and confirmed she did a #2. Wow. REAL RESULTS! I was so happy that if I felt like doing a little dance.

I praised her immensely & gave her TWO stickers as reward (I made a half-hearted Reward Chart which we paste behind the toilet door). She was very proud that I was so proud.

The next day, I continued to let her go diaperless & she had one or t
wo accidents during the day. I continue to notice she is very aware when she needs to go to the toilet. These few days, I put her on diaper because I am just too tired to clean up the mess but on one day, her diaper was totally DRY. Of course, some days are drier than others. Today she had 2 wet diapers which I constantly remind & nag her about. I also figured she was too preoccupied with her tv shows - I am going to cut down these sessions, MISSY!
("Don't bug me, I'm watching my fav TV show!")

Anyway, I'm just thinking about this subject of potty training : To each its own method but I'm grateful Shean Wenn's experience has been really pleasant. I'm glad I did not stress both of us up by following conventional methods which can be really tiring & time consuming. I'm glad she decided in her own terms that she is ready. I'm proud of you, little darling. You constantly amaze me with your understanding of how things should work.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Attempt #92385 at potty-training : FAIL!

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(Her smile here really looks like Meng's, doesn't it?)

Many parents have been blogging about their potty-training success/progress as early as when their kids turn 1YO. Me, I never! Why? I tell friends I didn't find it crucial for her to be stressed out going diaperless. And then,.. I add "It's also because I am lazy". Most moms can understand that even as a stay-at-home-mom, there are other more pressing issues or higher priority errands to complete in our day-to-day management of the house & the kiddo.

Anyway, I think I properly started in summer of last year. She was 2YO and could understand simple instructions so I thought it would be a good idea. It didn't work, so now I am trying again.
Why I failed :

1. Inconsistent
Some days diaper off, some days on. Usually I find it too tiring the next day after a full day of diaperless having to wipe, disinfect, clean her & changing her to new trousers. So the next day I just left her diaper on. Recipe for failure!

2. No follow-through
Sometimes after a minor-accident, I rush her to the toilet & tell her to "shuu shuu" there. I stand there for a minute & then left her to do her stuff. I'd be cleaning up the accident-site. I asked her "Did you shuu shuu?", "YES MOMMY! I also wash my hands already!". I will accept her answer & that's it. I never knew or have actually seen her peeing, to be honest. She could be taking me for a ride all this while.

It also didn't help that the pre-school that I want to enrol her in this Sep says not to force them to go diaperless. "Let them naturally get used to it & master it". Hey, I love this motto.

But enrolling her into Ballet last week, I was instructed that they need to be diaperless. So here I am, TRYING my hardest to make this work. She just had 1 accident so far & now she is sleeping with a diaper. Tomorrow, we will not be continuing this again because we will be going out. Maybe when we come back I can let her roam free without her diaper. We'll see. **Big sigh**

Friday, 23 April 2010


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Continuing from her fascination with puzzles, she has been trying to tackle more "complicated" pieces. Since last week, she will sit down quietly & patiently piecing this 48-piece puzzle that my brother and his girlfriend got for Shean Wenn.

That day she came running to me displaying proudly her finished work! Well done. This, is definitely not from my genes because I never liked playing with puzzles, I have no patience for it & will give up before I even start the job. Nevertheless, I am so glad she isn't like me in this case!

"Look mom, I did it!", I heard her little voice say as the pitter-patter of footsteps came running over.
48-piece puzzle

"Now you do it!" - she seemed to be saying (not that she really said it out)
Lest you think this is amazing, I have heard my friend telling me that her daughter (who is now almost 5YO) when at around SW's age, finished a 100-piece puzzle all on her own.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Oh, what a week!

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The past week has been "eventful".

The hub flew off on Tue to somewhere in North Africa. The same day, I had invited my friend Laura over for lunch. Five minutes before she arrived, there was a small accident in the kitchen - something fell on something and causing everything to come crashing down, and my pyrex with the wat tan hor in it crashed to the ground & smashed into a hundred pieces. Needless to say, we did not have lunch at home that day. After cleaning up, Laura suggested we go out for lunch. We ended up in Nandos.

(The extent of the volcanic ash. Image from BBC News)

Thur morning I read reports of the Eyjafjallajoekull volcano ash disrupting flight services in the UK. When I first read it, the grounded rule should only apply to 1800 that evening. Meng was due to fly back the day after. However by Thur afternoon, flights were cancelled until early Sat morning. He rescheduled for a Sat PM flight but that had to be cancelled too. More disruptions ensued. On BBC website today, a grim message reads "The UK is enduring a fourth day as a virtual no-fly zone, as the travel chaos caused by volcanic ash drifting from Iceland shows no sign of ending."

Shean Wenn misses her dad alot. Her mornings, when he will the the one cheerfully greeting her & picking her up from her cot, has being replaced with a grumpy & very sleepy mommy. First few days of Meng's absence, I had to leave her in her cot for a few minutes to give her some "time-out sessions" because she simply didn't want MOMMY! After she has gathered her thoughts (usually by singing to herself or just playing), she will call out for me again.

The volcanic ashes travel chaos continues...... Meanwhile, on twitter-land, volcanic jokes are making the rounds, one chuckles "Last time you Poms (read : Brits) got the Ashes you were over the moon. There's no pleasing some people." Another witty one "Heard on the radio "Britain to Iceland : "We said send cash, not ash!""

To top off the eventful-ness, our dear daughter last night decided to play with the curtains despite me warning her few minutes before that not to do so, she must have tugged and pulled on it really hard because the curtain & the rods came tumbling down. It scared her. Luckily she is fine. But she still deserved a few smacks on the bottom for misbehaving.

Kind friends have been nice enough to go out lunches with me, or bring me to the shops to do my grocery shopping. :)

On more positive notes : This week, weather-wise it has been fabulous! Average of 15c (but felt like 19c) and highs of 19c (which would mean if you stand in the sun, it may feel like 24c. VERY WARM!). Just too bad Meng isn't here to enjoy the glorious sunshine with us. Hopefully he will come back as scheduled in the next few days & 3 of us will be a happy family again. Yayy!

The Chip-Peas bought a trunki for Shean Wenn as early birthday present & she gets to choose it. Trunki is a luggage/ride-on/pull-along. She chose a ladybird design. It arrived within 2 days & she is so ecstatic! She was riding it at home telling me "Ok, bye bye mommy, I'm going to the supermarket." "Hi mommy, I am back! I bought some vegetables" - when asked what vegetables? "Carrots & tomatoes".

A really ingenious product for the kids, especially to while away their time at the airport!


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