Wednesday, 2 December 2009

First Haircut

Date : 22 Nov 2009 (almost 29 Months Old)

Her first haircut-proper from a hairdresser (not including the first time when she shaved her head).

She was really well-behaved throughout the experience. She didn't cry but she just couldn't sit still. Despite telling her "Don't move", "Freeze", she still kept turning around as she likes or whenever she is distracted. I resorted to holding her neck/chin to ensure that Elaine the hairdresser can finish her job faster. Elaine says to give her a "bob cut". This is the same haircut as her 2 other friends, Joyee & Kaye (sisters). But as SW has slight curls at the ends of her hair, it looked different to her friends' style.

During the haircut. What a big girl sitting on the chair.

After : Could not get a clearer photo as she is a GROOVY baby and does not stand still even for a snap.

A pretty good £8 spent, I'd say. And all in preparation for our trips back to Msia & Aus.


mom2ashleyaidan said...

what a trendy girl! nice bob!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! But then, she is always a charming little thing. And considered well behaved too. Shen Liang can never sit down for a haircut, FOR SURE!

Tsu Lin + + said...

Thanks Dinah & Siew. Siew : She couldn't sit still as well, making Elaine's job difficult. But luckily I could keep her head still a little bit.


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