Thursday, 29 October 2009

Celestial interests : Clouds, Rainbow & Moon

29 October 2009
2 Years 4 Months Old

Conversation with Shean Wenn one day as we were standing at the staircase going back to the apartment

SW : "Mama, Shean Shean likes clouds. White clouds. Mama, buy clouds for Shean Shean, please?"
Me : >.< "Ok sure. Ask daddy to buy for you ok?"

She added a please at the end of her sentence, ok? How do you say no to that??

This morning after her milk, I put her sitting on her highchair and gave her her drawing book and some crayons. I was busy preparing breakfast. I came back to check on her after 5 minutes to hear her chanting incessantly "Wainbow wainbow wainbow" (Translate : Rainbow). I looked down at her pad and saw her drawing something distinctively looking like a rainbow. This was what I saw : of course, her rainbow has only a few colours but the curved lines do look very much like she knows what she is doing (drawing!). Most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen!
(Her original rainbow)
(Rainbow she drew again in the evening)

Every evening while I prepare our dinner (I do this at about 530pm-6pm), Shean Wenn will be playing on her own. Sometimes she watches TV, sometimes she does her puzzles. But without fail, she will run to the balcony sliding door and glance up to see if there is a moon. For the past 2 days, she has been shouting excitedly to me whenever she spots it : "Mama!!! Look at the moon! Moon up in the sky! Moon moon moooooooon!"

I will stop what I do and go look at the moon with her. It's very heartwarming sharing something so simple yet so meaningful (to her, the moon is) with my daughter.


Tsu Yen said...

Awww.... She's so cute. She wants to buy clouds!

Anonymous said...

A very clever girl! *clap* *clap* And the drawing is good too!


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