Wednesday, 2 September 2009

SW's 1st McD Party

(Published 2 Sep)

You gotta love McDonald's : Ice-cream, french fries, chicken nuggets & face painting! The ice-cream keeps them quiet for awhile.
"I'm Loving It!"
(The happy, the ladybird, the lion, the birthday girl (butterfly) & her sister)

Last Saturday Shean Wenn attended her first McDonald's party. The birthday girl Joyee turned 4 and is a very girly girl, her fav colours are pink, purple & she loves cats! So I got her a pink watch with cats on the dial & strap. I think she should like it. Shean Wenn enjoyed herself, she even handpicked her outfit - the dress & the boots. She loves her boots, this girl.


zewt said...

eh... fast food bad for kids... dont expose them to it so young lah.

Tsu Lin + + said...

Heh Zewt. Thanks for your concern. We don't bring her to fastfood restaurant very often. Probably once or twice a year. Lucky for her, I don't like to eat fastfood anyway. ;P


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