Monday, 3 August 2009

2YO Doodling

Her drawing/ doodling makes my heart leaps up! It's as though I've seen a rainbow.

Bright colours, bold strokes. She's an artist, alright!

As i look closely at this drawing, I see SW drew a face on the right, with eyes, nose, mouth and mickey mouse ears? (It's in red on the right side). I wonder what she is thinking when she does her art?

If you look carefully, you may have noticed both pares are crumpled. This is because my dear daughter will try to "fold" (crumple, more like it) the papers after drawing, she claims she is making a HAT!


Praveen said...

I laughed when I read that she tries to fold it into a hat. Have you taught her how to do that?

AY said...

Hi, Tsu Lin, hv posted the roti babi recipe that you wanted. Your posts reminds me of my own time in UK in the 90's. I was living in Bourneville and in London too for three years. Liked UK and wish we can return. Really glad we took chance to travel to many parts of England and Europe during our time there. If you can stay on, do stay one. Don't return..for the sake of the kids. Cute daughter, btw. Do keep in touch and gd luck with the roti babi!

Tsu Lin + + said...

Praveen : :D No, I think she watches too much tv! She actually picks up alot of stuff from the tv, but thankfully CBeebies is a commercial-free, wholesome kid's channel! Yayy for brit.

Alice : Thanks for the recipe. What made you return to Msia? I will def return to Msia for holidays & visiting family, hehe.

zewt said...

if you are working... bet u will pin this up at your workstation!

Tsu Lin + + said...

Zewt : Do you have alot of overzealous proud-parent colleagues? :P


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