Monday, 13 July 2009

A guide to Summer BBQs

A mishmash of activities happening since the start of summer, which is marked by the first of many BBQ gathering! ("Hooray, summer has started, let's bring out the charcoal & skewers!")

Yin & Yang, Colours & Monochrome, Left & Right. Balanced.
Tobey & Shean Wenn refueling after a very extensive play time over the weekend at Sam's birthday BBQ

TIP #2 : LIVE LOVE LAUGH Kaka & Shean Wenn sharing a laugh and rolling on the newly laid grass at Sam's house over at the weekend!

Last weekend we were invited to Sam's 2nd Birthday held at his parent's house in Northampton. Their backyard boasts a newly laid grass which were so soft! Shean Wenn really enjoyed running around or in the case above, rolling about on the grass. No, it isn't prickly at all.

She napped a little on the way there and was recharged so she had a fun time playing with her other little friends : Sam (the birthday boy), Tobey, Bernice, Brandon & Kaka. Halfway we ventured upstairs and Shean Wenn was fascinated by the aquarium. She tried to count fish! Actually she can "count" now, she will go like this "One, two, three, four, seven, eight!!" And then she will rejoice by clapping her hands!


TIP #4 : DO THE TWIST! 1st photo : SW twirling, twisting & dancing with her friends at Ryan's Full Moon.
2nd & 3rd photos : Tobey showing how you should do the twist!

In June, we attended Tobey's 2nd Birthday Party held at their house in Cambridge. The weather was a little chilly but it subsequently became clearer & sunnier as the day progresses. Shean Wenn was pre-occupied with all of Tobey's toys. She especially liked Tobey's red car (is it Roary?). These days she is quite fascinated with "driving"- and her sound effects are pretty "thrilling" - she seemed like she is driving pretty fast! Ooooh... perhaps an F1-driver in the making? I have to "tell her" she's "driving too fast. STOP!"Haha..

We also went for Ryan James's Full Moon at Milton Keynes where she met more new friends! We had a good time sans daddy - he had to catch up with work & we went with Simon & Mich instead. The journey there was pretty crazy! Two 2-year-olds with me at the back seats, them screaming almost consistently & perpetually, me almost pulling my hair out. Shean Wenn was screaming "Mannamory Mannamory" (Balamory, her favourite Cbeebies programme now) or "Josie Jump! Listen (to) Josie Jump!" (Her fav character from Balamory). It was quite stressful, I almost leaped out of the car when we arrived! :P

(Photos taken by Chek San, Michelle Lam & Tsu Lin)


Anonymous said...

Yeap! Really fun times, eh!

Tsu Yen said...

I reckon my niece is the cleverest and coolest! She can count, and drives really fast! Next time can bring 'mai yen' out in her sports car:D

Lyne said...

heart the pics! esp the pic where the kids are lying on the grass.

Btw-Love the header of the blog.

Tsu Lin + + said...

Lyne : Thanks for taking your time to leave a comment here :) The CURRENT blog header is designed by Ros Designs (link on bottom on my blog).

I checked out your company website, I reallllly love the decals! Didn't know a Msian supplier that does that. Brilliant!


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