Monday, 11 May 2009

Karmen's 2nd Birthday Party

Last Saturday was Shean Wenn's friend, Karmen's 2nd birthday and her parents : my friend Michelle & her husband Simon held a BBQ for her big day!

Everyone has a role to play in this party :

1. Meng, the BBQ Chef! Thanks to my hubs (the Australian BBQ Connoiseur), we get chicken wings just grilled to perfection, frankfurters that are crunchy on the outside but still maintained its moisture inside, and juicy pork steaks (he commented that the steaks were cut too thick, should've been thinner - all bow to his vast knowledge in BBQ! Hail the BBQ snob!)

2. SK the Engineer : DIY man-of-the-day, SK managed to fix up the trike we got for Kaka's birthday in record time! (Uhhh.. that's in between complaining of hunger and how the manual is mocking him :P) Thanks to him, the kids who roamed around the garden that sunny saturday got to ride on it safely, and gleefully!
3. Shean Wenn, the chic gardener : Hey, teddy needs to get somewhere, doesn't he?
4. Tsu Lin : Trying to set up the choc fondue but it failed miserably - oh wells... but at least a few of us got to use it before the choc got hardened and stuck on the machine.
Garden roamers : The kids absolutely loved all the garden toys and basking in the sun! (Tobey pushing birthday girl Kaka while SW stops to pose with her frankfurters!) This is the first time SW is actually POSING infront of the camera - I think she didn't do too badly, did she?
ML & I with the kids! After all their hardwork, it's time to sit and enjoy with a can of beer. The mummies Cake cutting ceremony : With the cake made by our friend Jessica who's pursuing a course in cake-making and will be happy to take orders soon!

Me & my dear daughter who's testing out Karmen's new trike (A pressie from us).

Opening presents time : Shean Wenn is always eager to help! :)

Goody bag from Karmen : SW is more interested in what's in her goody bag than returning Kaka's kiss!! Oh, my little girl!
HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY little Karmen!

(All photos courtesy of Michelle Kong)


sooyin said...

SW is so pretty, Tsu Lin!! Quite the little fashionista...hehe...=) And I absolutely love her in pigtails!

chip-pea said...

So funny the last pic of Kaka holding her pucker lips for her BFF whilst she's busy looking into her goody bag!..And I think she posed just fine :)

Anonymous said...

SW is looking good. Very adorable. And I soooooo love kiddy parties. ;) Btw, I still cannot get enough of your blog's new look. I love the colour scheme the best. I like your clocks too, I think I am going to have to nick it. ;)

Tsu Lin + + said...

@Soo Yin : Aww, thanks for the compliments. And I tie her hair in pigtails because her hair is so dry & unruly if I don't (and THAT makes for not very nice photos :P)

@Mei Ling : HAHA! Yes.. she's just so "boh chap" in that sense-lah..

@Siew : Ooooh, can can. I saw your new clock in your blog, I actually put that in initially and while blog-surfing found these, so I used those instead :P Beautiful things are meant to share anyway, hor?

Michelle said...

wah... her nama is so close to mine, came initial someore...

very nice party, looked like loads of fun!

Cheryl said...

I love bbqs. Looks like everyone had a blast! And I agree, your little one is so adorable in pigtails :D


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