Saturday, 16 May 2009

Afternoon Tea

On Wednesday, my friend Michelle invited Jessica & I over to her place for tea. Actually it was to thank Jessica for baking the lovely cake for Kaka's Birthday.

After attending the playgroup, I met up with Jessica for lunch at the nearby cafeteria. Then, we headed to the bus stop and took a bus (it was a 45min ride from there to Michelle's place) over to Michelle's home.

Michelle was going to bake us English Scones & Jessica brought over some ready-made ingredients for her egg tarts!

The process :
Kneeding the dough for the egg tarts into their mould.

Pour egg-mix into the top. Bake.

Enjoying ourselves!

Voila!! Yummy scones fresh from the oven.

Egg Tarts.

What were the kids busy doing? Doing what they know best - PLAYING!

Showing off their masterpieces (I'm just there to be in the photo :D I didn't contribute making them at all.)

By the time the scones & tarts were done, the wind has died down a little. It was still a tad chilly and it wasn't a brilliant day, but at least it wasn't raining so we decided to have our Tea outside, English-style, of course. Scones with clotted cream & jam, English Tea (with milk) & Egg Tarts & soya bean drink! Haha.. it's a case of east-meets-west. Sorta.

We enjoyed it so much although by the time I went home, I was KNACKERED! We reached home at 645pm and that night, we had simple dinner because I didn't have time to cook a proper meal. Shean Wenn was so tired she slept from then to the next morning, waking up around midnight so I made her a bottle of milk since she skipped dinner.


Sasha Tan said...

wow those tarts looks yummy!

Cheryl said...

Ah, such fun! I haven't used the tins I bought to make egg tarts. Hubby has been patiently waiting, heehee. Maybe this weekend!


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