Friday, 24 April 2009

Her favourite toys : A Review

Some compilation of her favourite toys : Age 19-22 Months Old

1. LIGHT & SOUND PHONICS by Inspiration Works UK Ltd

A Christmas gift by the Chip-Peas, she has taken to liking it alot. There are a few dials on top to select the mode of play your child will want to play with. I say play but it's highly educational as well. Currently, I find the mode of "Find the 1st letter of the word" suits her best. Basically, the voice will ask, "Can you find the first letter of the word... " and when you press the right answer, it will say encouragingly "Well done! You found the first letter of the word....." So far, she can identify most of the items on the board.

Pros : Helps build vocab & identify objects (for her age, but it will also help older kids to identify the alphabets & numbers, depending on which mode you choose). Also help develop motor skills (pressing the right button upon identifying the answer!).
Cons : No volume switch. There was one period where she absolutely HAS to use it EVERY morning, before lunch, after lunch, daytime, night time! And becaus eyou can't tune it down, it's always at that volume. (*Tsu Lin pulling her hair out!!**)

2. WOODEN ALPHABET PEG PUZZLES Hand crafted, by Melissa & Doug

A gift from MIL/Daphne (SIL in Thailand), it's made of solid wood construction & have pictures under every piece of alphabets.

She can correctly place the right alphabet onto the right slot, ie A into the A slot, and so on. (I was pleasantly impressed!! She doesn't fail to amaze me :P)

She's identified almost every object on the board and daddy has been diligently teaching her new words every night. I was surprised few weeks ago, when she pointed to X-ray and told me "X!". She also knows the words Ring, Tie, Vine, Whale, Key & Leaves from there.

Pros : Great for motor skills & identifying shapes/objects/alphabets.
Cons : Whenever she tries to carry the board around with the pegs on it, everything falls off! MESSY! (How I wish they have magnets on it :P)

This is a video showing her slotting her alphabets into the correct positions

3. WOODEN BLOCKS by Hamley's

These 100 pieces wooden blocks were a gift for her 1st Birthday from Meng's friend. The MIL told me not to allow her to play with it at that age (12 MO) incase she slipped & fell on/from the pieces. I waited till she was more stable & less clumsy (still quite clumsy but slightly better now) at the ripe age of 18 Months Old before I let her played with it.

Besides making horizontal stacking, she also makes vertical stacking. I also find it amusing that she sometimes will put 3 blocks together & makes a train. How do I know it's a train? Because she pushes it around & says "Chooo chooo!"... The blocks are available in multi-colours and she also can identify her colours from it. The colours that she can identify now includes : Yellow (Nana, she says), Blue, Green, Purple, Orange (borange, she says), White & Red.

Pros : Need I say more... developing motor skills, colour identification, imaginary play that breeds creativity, the list goes on!
Cons : She will leave a block here & there just to annoy me for my daily exercise of bending down and picking them up!


I recently decided to purchase a mini stroller for her because she seems to want to "do what the adults do" and searched high & lo for one "economical" stroller. I hunted for it in Tesco for at least 5 weeks before I realised they will never stock it up there :( and so went over to Asda on Monday to get it. It was the last one there and I'm so glad that I didn't have to pay more for it. (It was £4, if you must know) She has been happily pushing it around whenever I bring her down to the communal garden downstairs. Her dad has dis-allowed the stroller to be pushed around at home because it may damage the laminated flooring.

Pros : Helps in her pretend play.
Cons : -

Stress-testing the mini-buggy : Going over the manhole cover? PASS!

Stress-test 2 & 3 : Stroller going onto the grass & on tough gravel ground - both PASS!

On another note : HAPPY 22nd Month Old, our precious Shean Wenn! xoxo mum & dad :)


chip-pea said...

Super impressive (especially on the puzzle, such patience)! I love it when she does the "fish"! She's such a smart girl :)

Anonymous said...

*clap* *clap*
Truly a VERY smart girl!

Praveen said...

O for Mo-bo-bus (Octopus?)

She's growing up!

sooyin said...

I love the second pic of her pushing her stylo-milo, like a little rock star!!

Tsu Lin + + said...

Thx peeps!

@Praveen : Ya, glad you noticed that :) Are you still busy with "tah kei"?


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