Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Yo yo yo!

The S-to-the-W is in da house! One very bored evening, Meng decides to don his daughter in a red cap turned upside-down and turned her into an instant toddler rapper (minus the bling blings). And then Shean Wenn found her home slippers and asked him to wear it for her, she matched her slippers to the colour of the cap all by herself.
(Isn't she impish???!)
(Reading her flashcards)


Anonymous said...

She's a very pretty girl. She looks good in anything!

chip-pea said...

Siew, I totally agree! She looks even prettier in real life :)

Anonymous said...

turning into an ASBO already. I did the same to with Marwin. Beanine cap, chains, glove, pants.

cglow said...

she's such a big girl now and really cute. Bring her back for a photo shoot :)


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