Thursday, 12 March 2009

New Toy

Measuring 15 x 8cm, her latest favourite "toy" is this piece of bubble wrap she found one day. I don't even know where she found it, it must've been stuck around the book shelf and she got hold of it. During the days, when she has tire of her other toys, she'll bring out her new "toy", and start bursting the bubbles - "split splat" is all I hear. Sometimes she gets creative and goes stomping on it! I tell her nicely not to step on it, not because it's rude and may cause her to fall but because the tiny sheet of bubble wrap would have all its bubbles burst if she goes on like this. This is like the best ever toy!

Sadly, a few days later during one Saturday morning as I was getting the both of us ready to go out, Shean Wenn decides to toss her bubble wrap into the bin. I was like, "BUT WHY?". I opened the bin again to have one last look at it. Obviously there isn't any bubbles left to be burst. Bye bye bubble-wrap, it was good while it lasted.

When we came back from shopping in the afternoon, I saw her happily bringing out a NEW BIGGER piece and went on happily playing....

(Shean Wenn with "Bubble Wrap version 2" - bigger & improved version)

This little girl!!! I'm so amazed at the things she can find to amuse herself. And this is definitely one fo the cheapest toys and it really keeps her occupied for a good 15minutes.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Smart.

Praveen said...

I love bubble wraps too.

Hmmm. Do you see what I see? Some potential to brand this as a "toy". Sell it online. Multiple colours & shapes, for various ages. Any merit?

Tsu Lin + + said...

Siew : It's good that she can find things to entertain herself... :P

Praveen : You too??? I hope it shows a mind of creativity. Re your biz proposal, as brilliant as it sounds, I don't think parents will fall for it. UNLESS.... you can come up with an "unburstable" bubble wrap - kinda like those trick candles which will continue to burn despite numerous attempts at you blowing it off!

Praveen said...

How about the endless bubble popping keychain? =)

I think it's more fun to have something that you can complete from start to finish. I'd rather pop a whole bubble wrap and throw it (or recycle it), rather than play with a "trick" gadget. Gives you that sense of "accomplishment"


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