Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The K770i

Two weeks ago while rushing out of the door, I stuffed my Samsung phone into my shallow pocket and it must've fallen out. I didn't realise that I had dropped it, of course, till at night. The hubs got agitated and kept nagging me regarding this. It went on for DAYS. Honestly, I could do without a handphone in UK because almost no-one ever calls. So I was without a handphone for a week plus. Hubs suspended my mobile account and we finally got a replacement SIM over the weekend, together with a simple phone for me.

I've decided that I will never go back to a Samsung (looks good but poor usability. You go through 5-steps to get something done while on a Sony Ericsson, it can be done in just 2 easy steps.), and I can never go back to a Nokia. Sony Ericsson, for now, suits me very well. Their functionality is good, ie if you want an MP3/phone for music, you choose from their range of W-series. Music was never something I care for in a handphone. What I need is a good & acceptable cameraphone, which is why their K-series works well for my lifestyle - I whip out the handphone when I'm on the go, taking away the hassle of bringing along our BULKY Sony Camera (which isn't a point-and-shoot and not very slim & light either).

(The Sony Ericsson K770i: Contacts of my dearests)

So after paying £70+ for it, I have myself a brand new phone (Oh, I mean after MENG paid for it :D). Thanks, hun!

Right now is the task of accumulating my contacts again. SIGH. So people, send me your numbers via e-mail or if you have my number, send me a kind reminder (with your name attached).

Review of the Camera function :
Cybershot 3.2Megapixel. Auto focus.

No doubt, it isn't as wonderful as my previous K850i with 5 Megapixel, but the K770i has an improved navigation buttons (ie the middle square buttons), it's much better also than the previous joystick-like button of the K800i (That phone, I like too) where it gets de-sensitised easily especially if you are a "heavy user" like me. :P

1. My fav photo in my camera
2. Some photos taken at the park on Saturday - O, glorious sun!

3. Smelling the daffodils

4. Micro-shots
Look at how clear the quality is.. even shows the dust on my keyboard buttons! :P


Anonymous said...

Hey... great phone! Nice colour too.

Anonymous said...

Good test shot, but do you think it will be clearer than my C905 8.1 Megapixel phone? :p

Tsu Yen said...
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Tsu Yen said...

Hey I see my name! =)
By the way, SW looks like she is sleeping on the crocodile log?

Tsu Lin + + said...

Siew : Thx, just a simple phone.

Weng : Of course in theory an 8.1 is far superior than a 3.2 megapixel camera. But alot has to depend on the skills of the person taking the shots too - Why don't you take some photos of a running kid and upload and we can compare notes. :)

Tsu Yen : Heh... She wasn't sleeping, she was looking at some stones she was stepping... don't even wanna look at the camera. Pish!


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