Tuesday, 3 March 2009

"Dor Dor!"

"Dor Dor!", she shouts while pointing to her crayons. It's her signalling she wants to "Draw Draw". This is one of her favourite activities now. After her breakfast in the mornings, she wants to draw.

I bought the brand new un-used crayons for 50p at one of the fairs held at Children's Garden - best 50p I ever spent!

In the afternoons when she has tire of her books or playing with her other toys, she wants her crayons. I give her 3 crayons at a time.. she scribbles and then shouts for me to get new colours. I bring over the box of crayons, she puts the old colours in and picks new ones. The cycle goes on for possibly 8 or 10 times before she gets bored. She can immerse herself in her drawings for a good 30 minutes.

Her drawings : I always tell her that she is doing a great job, and truthfully when I look closely at her drawings, I see circles and lines and I'm seriously impressed. I read in Babycenter that some Toddlers at 20MO can do this but if they can't there is nothing to worry about anyway. I'm just impressed at her work of art anyway because I can see her growth and improvement everyday and she never ceases to amaze me. That's my little girl! Love you to bits. :)

BTW, today is also Square Root Day! According to Lilian of Wrong Side of 30, "Math nerds around the world are celebrating Square Root Day today, 3/3/09, ie 9 is the square root of 3. The last Square Root Day was 5 years ago on 2/2/04 and the next will be 7 years later on 4/4/16. Happy Square Root Day!"

Now, surely that is something you didn't know? :)


Anonymous said...

Hey, she's very good with the crayons. And drawing circles and lines, gosh, very impressive. SL draws a little, and always attempt to destroy the crayons. Argh! His pack of 12 crayons has now been reduced to only 4! :(

Boon said...

Er, TL - 3 is the square root of 9, not the other way around.

Tsu Lin + + said...

Boon : Rightly so! I must tell Lilian that (I copy n pasted n didn't realise!) Thx for the reminder :P

Siew : She destroys them too.. which is why I had to cellotape some of the crayons (they broke into 2).

Tsu Yen said...

She looks like she's been 'dor-wing' for a long time. She can hold them crayons really well. I like the look of concentration too.

Anonymous said...

I sooo love these pics of her lah!!! Everytime I look at them, I LOVE them so much!!! So I decided to put my comment here so I don't keep thinking of telling you on MSN!!!



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