Sunday, 1 March 2009


I'm so delighted! The talented digi-scrapper Roslyn held a contest on her blog to say she'd design a blog header for free. So I entered and on Fri (I only checked her blog on Fri) I found out that I had won! Both her girls facilitated the drawing of the winner and I must thank them for picking me at random *kisses!* :)

This is like my early birthday present! Yayyyy.... (thank you, generous Ros).So to start the ball rolling, Tsu Lin ++ will be "closed for maintenance" on 5 Mar and will resume few days later (one week?). Do check back for my new look!


Praveen said...

Congratulations - I'm glad you're happy =)

Side note: I find it odd that "chuffed" also means "disgruntled":

Looking forward to your splashy new blog!

Melissa said...

Grats, Tsu Lin!

Tsu Lin + + said...

Thx Mel & Prav.. It is indeed odd. It's like both its meaning is totally opposite of the other. I shall find a less ambiguous word to replace chuff, then. :)


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