Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Spring : Season of fun!

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Date : 21 Mar 09
Temperature : 15c
Weather : Sunny

Two reasons why we decided to head out to the park last Saturday! Glorious sun (not gonna last as I just checked and starting tomorrow for the next 4 days there are rain clouds!), perfect for spending the day outdoors. After lunch, Meng drove us to a new park - somewhere we've not been to, a park at South of the River Thames.

She, obviously enjoying basking in the sun, jumped up & down imitating the duck's quack and hopped around like a kangaroo or a bunny (see photo below of her "being" a bunny). My little <開 心 果> "hoi sum gor" (cantonese for "Happy Chappy"), she is.

There were ducks & fowl aplenty in the park and Shean Wenn, being an animal lover (she knows most of the animals in her book, even different kinds of birds - ie she knows her owls frm her parrots) went close to have a look at duck & geese swimming in the pond. But then, suddenly the geese started to honk! She retreated and pat her chest signalling she is scared! Haha.. that was funny. I guess she can't tell from the books or telly how loud a goose can honk!

We strolled around and allowed her to play in the kid's playground for awhile. And slowly walked back to the car. Overall, a very pleasant 2 hours to spend a Sunny Saturday outdoors.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The K770i

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Two weeks ago while rushing out of the door, I stuffed my Samsung phone into my shallow pocket and it must've fallen out. I didn't realise that I had dropped it, of course, till at night. The hubs got agitated and kept nagging me regarding this. It went on for DAYS. Honestly, I could do without a handphone in UK because almost no-one ever calls. So I was without a handphone for a week plus. Hubs suspended my mobile account and we finally got a replacement SIM over the weekend, together with a simple phone for me.

I've decided that I will never go back to a Samsung (looks good but poor usability. You go through 5-steps to get something done while on a Sony Ericsson, it can be done in just 2 easy steps.), and I can never go back to a Nokia. Sony Ericsson, for now, suits me very well. Their functionality is good, ie if you want an MP3/phone for music, you choose from their range of W-series. Music was never something I care for in a handphone. What I need is a good & acceptable cameraphone, which is why their K-series works well for my lifestyle - I whip out the handphone when I'm on the go, taking away the hassle of bringing along our BULKY Sony Camera (which isn't a point-and-shoot and not very slim & light either).

(The Sony Ericsson K770i: Contacts of my dearests)

So after paying £70+ for it, I have myself a brand new phone (Oh, I mean after MENG paid for it :D). Thanks, hun!

Right now is the task of accumulating my contacts again. SIGH. So people, send me your numbers via e-mail or if you have my number, send me a kind reminder (with your name attached).

Review of the Camera function :
Cybershot 3.2Megapixel. Auto focus.

No doubt, it isn't as wonderful as my previous K850i with 5 Megapixel, but the K770i has an improved navigation buttons (ie the middle square buttons), it's much better also than the previous joystick-like button of the K800i (That phone, I like too) where it gets de-sensitised easily especially if you are a "heavy user" like me. :P

1. My fav photo in my camera
2. Some photos taken at the park on Saturday - O, glorious sun!

3. Smelling the daffodils

4. Micro-shots
Look at how clear the quality is.. even shows the dust on my keyboard buttons! :P

Yo yo yo!

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The S-to-the-W is in da house! One very bored evening, Meng decides to don his daughter in a red cap turned upside-down and turned her into an instant toddler rapper (minus the bling blings). And then Shean Wenn found her home slippers and asked him to wear it for her, she matched her slippers to the colour of the cap all by herself.
(Isn't she impish???!)
(Reading her flashcards)

Sunday, 15 March 2009


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Well, I'm sure some of you have been waiting eagerly to see the unraveling of the new look of the blog. Something's brewing that's for sure but as it will only be revealed when the time's right ;) So right now, let's take a few moments to appreciate the old skin before the new one emerges.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

New Toy

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Measuring 15 x 8cm, her latest favourite "toy" is this piece of bubble wrap she found one day. I don't even know where she found it, it must've been stuck around the book shelf and she got hold of it. During the days, when she has tire of her other toys, she'll bring out her new "toy", and start bursting the bubbles - "split splat" is all I hear. Sometimes she gets creative and goes stomping on it! I tell her nicely not to step on it, not because it's rude and may cause her to fall but because the tiny sheet of bubble wrap would have all its bubbles burst if she goes on like this. This is like the best ever toy!

Sadly, a few days later during one Saturday morning as I was getting the both of us ready to go out, Shean Wenn decides to toss her bubble wrap into the bin. I was like, "BUT WHY?". I opened the bin again to have one last look at it. Obviously there isn't any bubbles left to be burst. Bye bye bubble-wrap, it was good while it lasted.

When we came back from shopping in the afternoon, I saw her happily bringing out a NEW BIGGER piece and went on happily playing....

(Shean Wenn with "Bubble Wrap version 2" - bigger & improved version)

This little girl!!! I'm so amazed at the things she can find to amuse herself. And this is definitely one fo the cheapest toys and it really keeps her occupied for a good 15minutes.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

"Dor Dor!"

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"Dor Dor!", she shouts while pointing to her crayons. It's her signalling she wants to "Draw Draw". This is one of her favourite activities now. After her breakfast in the mornings, she wants to draw.

I bought the brand new un-used crayons for 50p at one of the fairs held at Children's Garden - best 50p I ever spent!

In the afternoons when she has tire of her books or playing with her other toys, she wants her crayons. I give her 3 crayons at a time.. she scribbles and then shouts for me to get new colours. I bring over the box of crayons, she puts the old colours in and picks new ones. The cycle goes on for possibly 8 or 10 times before she gets bored. She can immerse herself in her drawings for a good 30 minutes.

Her drawings : I always tell her that she is doing a great job, and truthfully when I look closely at her drawings, I see circles and lines and I'm seriously impressed. I read in Babycenter that some Toddlers at 20MO can do this but if they can't there is nothing to worry about anyway. I'm just impressed at her work of art anyway because I can see her growth and improvement everyday and she never ceases to amaze me. That's my little girl! Love you to bits. :)

BTW, today is also Square Root Day! According to Lilian of Wrong Side of 30, "Math nerds around the world are celebrating Square Root Day today, 3/3/09, ie 9 is the square root of 3. The last Square Root Day was 5 years ago on 2/2/04 and the next will be 7 years later on 4/4/16. Happy Square Root Day!"

Now, surely that is something you didn't know? :)

Sunday, 1 March 2009


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I'm so delighted! The talented digi-scrapper Roslyn held a contest on her blog to say she'd design a blog header for free. So I entered and on Fri (I only checked her blog on Fri) I found out that I had won! Both her girls facilitated the drawing of the winner and I must thank them for picking me at random *kisses!* :)

This is like my early birthday present! Yayyyy.... (thank you, generous Ros).So to start the ball rolling, Tsu Lin ++ will be "closed for maintenance" on 5 Mar and will resume few days later (one week?). Do check back for my new look!


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