Tuesday, 17 February 2009


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I was bored with the blog banner/header which I just changed a few months ago and decided at a whim last night to produce a new one. Something clearer, simpler but yet maintaining the colours of the theme, which is quite obviously GREY, BLUE, GOLD & WHITE. In two hours, this was what I got. I suppose it can still be tinkered here and there with slight improvements over the next few days... but honestly, the hard-coding of HTML is really annoying me. I'm neither here nor there (on programming) and I wasn't SPLENDID in codes - I don't even remember how I passed C++ and the other programming exams! I must be simply good at "reproducing" - ahem. (Thanks to those who lent me your final work to be "researched")

Anyhow, a few things came to my mind :

1. The new nuffnang ads ain't showing properly & their tutorials pretty much suck. Either that or I really need to go back to basics and learn up coding.

2. Due to my blog theme, I can't use some of the "flashier" and cooler features/"Gadgets" that blogspot had added such as Polls, video bars, etc, unless I know how to code it in.

And do I fancy spending my time reading on tutorials on this - heck, no! So, either I stick to this theme or change my layout to the standard ones blogspot offers.

PS : And you guys think it's easy spending a day in the life of a Stay-At-Home-Mum!

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Valentine's Day

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.. is just like any other day in the Wong household. We, being the non-conformist, unsentimental & not-bothered-with-dates couple spent it very fruitfully though. The shippers came and collected the boxes (9 of them! Meng had a good work-out walking 4 floors down carrying them, 9 times!) in the morning and by noon we had to rush to meet the seller who bought the Travel Cot I managed to sell on e-bay. We then went for yumcha, something we do most weekends anyway and then off to grocery shopping. And more shopping/grocery shopping. We also went on a big-roundabout way exploring the South of London & it's scenery!

Anyway, for those who do celebrate, Happy Valentine's to you....

Friday, 13 February 2009

Attending playgroup

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It's been almost 2 months since I brought her back to Children's Garden for the weekly playgroup. Michelle came over to pick us up and we arrived a little late. After taking the coat off Shean Wenn, I asked her to go in to play.. she walked heading to the class but made a u-turn back when she saw the group of parents and kids (quite alot of people that day). She was overwhelmed, most likely, by the familiar setting (classroom) but unfamiliar faces! She hugged onto me and was reluctant to go into the class.

I prodded her along and reassured her that it's ok, go play with Kaka. She wanted to stick to me instead. That day, we were making some felt jewellery for the kids. I grabbed onto a heart-shaped felt, took along some felt string and a metal bell. I devised what design I wanted to make and did as fast as I could.. but, unfortunately my sewing is still BAD. In the end I had to take it home to continue working on it. One of the girl's nanny sitting opposite me came to the table for the last 10minutes (she was reading her papers at the corner before this) and FINISHED a necklace for the girl in that short 10minutes! I peeked at her sewing and it looked great. Hmmm.... some people just have all the crafty stuff sorted.

That day was one of the kid's 1st birthday, her parents, BOTH of them came to the playgroup bringing a cake & some yummy samosas to be shared. During mealtime, as with our usual meal of fruits & rice biscuit, there were of course, samosas & the cake. SO satisfying (because in the mornings I always rush out and don't get to eat my breakfast). Then it was outdoor time and I put on Shean Wenn's waterproof jacket and let her head outside - this time, I let her "go wild"! I took her to the sandbox and she proceeded to entertain herself in it!

(Shean Wenn in her Ferrari suit with Kaka the fashion-diva)

(The little girl on the left is Ka Yee, isn't she a beauty - look at the big round eyes and her jetblack hair!)

Shean Wenn enjoying herself in the sandpit!

GOING HOME NOW! Let's hold hands.. Both mommies love looking at how they hold hands while walking although it slows us down to a snail pace! :D

Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow Snow Snow....

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It feels like christmas this CNY! Yesterday, as we were in our friend's house having "Lo Sang" (my first Yee Sang this CNY), it started snowing.. little by little, the grounds were covered in specks of snow. Last night it continued to snow covering an inch on the ground, I see kids making snowman/snow angels outside the window.

This morning I dressed Shean Wenn warmly and put on her boots and made our way down.

Someone had already made a snowman bigger and taller than SW! She was abit puzzled by the snow, but as soon as she saw the snowman, she said "Mow-man!" (Snowman). She tried to touch it, she stood at the spot for a long time, putting her hand out & trying to catch the snow.. then she walked around abit, fell on her knees! It's sooo cold!

Walking carefully in the snow...

After 10 minutes outside, I was feeling cold and so, I asked her to go back inside. She reluctantly followed. She was still looking at the snow as we walked back up.

(Everything is covered in snow!!)

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