Thursday, 29 January 2009

Healthy Snacking : Easy Peasy Carrots

Sometimes instead of giving her biscuits, bread with cheese/peanut butter, or cheese sticks as her snack, I boil some vegetable sticks instead. It is so much more healthy that way, and Shean Wenn does enjoy her vege-sticks so much!

Just look at her....

"I love it!"

("Lemme sip some water")

.. continue snacking!

Preparation : It's easy, I just cut them into bite-size sticks, boil water, put them in & add a pinch of salt. 5 minutes later, drain n let cool & serve! There are so many variety of vegetable I can use : Carrot, Broccoli, Sweet Potato, Potato or even peas.

It is also a great snack for out & about, and as one of my friend put it, "the kids don't get to eat much vegetable when you dine out, esp in an ang moh restaurant" (This is in UK, of course - you usually get a serving of salad at the side : cold, raw vegetable which their tiny tummies may not be able to tolerate). So, I have also done what she recommended, boil the veges the night before your day out, store it in the fridge and just before you head out of the house, grab them container. It's a great snack for them!

(Left : Tombliboos cutlery, Right : Fun at the Zoo animal pots)

Look at these goodies I found from Mothercare . I know SW will love both of them, Tombliboos are one of the characters in "In The Night Garden" and the pots with cute animal prints would be great for storing her snacks... one for every other day!


Michelle Khang said...

I like her drinking bottle! :-)

Aaron hates carrots....
Ethan loves carrots....

Tsu Lin + + said...

I am sure every kid's taste buds is different - As long as they get their 5-a-day fruits & vege then good enough :)


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