Wednesday, 28 January 2009

19 Months Old : A rebel?

At 19 months-old and my BABY DAUGHTER (she is and always will be our baby!) has already turned into a teenager! Grrr.... *exhausted*

She fusses, she screams for attention, sometimes she brushes you off.

During lunch today
I feed her a spoonful of rice saying "
Sek fan la." (Eat rice la) - my attempt at establishing "chinese vocab" in my young daughter.

She says "
Rice!" - so much for my attempts!

After a few bites, she demands "Chic-chen!" (translate : chicken). I obliged. She eats happily... then.. "SOUP!". LOL! Well, at least she likes her soups - that is a very good chinese habit. :D

Near dinner-time
Me busy in the kitchen. She comes and screams at the kitchen entrance, walks into the kitchen
(we have trained her not to do so, she is clearly testing her boundaries, this lady!), reverses out when I scream "OUT Shean! No coming into the kitchen".

She puts both her hands up in the air, frustrated that I am not giving her any attention. Punches the air/rolls on the floor/throwing her toys around in fits of tantrum. I stop what I am doing when she throws her toys, goes out and tells her firmly "
No throwing your toys. Pick it up NOW". She relents after a few scolding. I make her say sorry. She mumbles "Bor-wee" (sorry?).

These days, she also puts out both her hands and says "
Pou pou!" (a little accented, may I add.. meaning "Carry me" in cantonese), everytime I am busy.

terrible twos has started, hasn't it?

BEDTIME : Daddy putting her to bed
Dad kisses her good night and covers her with a blanket. He looks lovingly at his perfect-in-everyway daughter... and she says "GO!" and pointing him to the door!

Meng comes running to me, complaining of her rushing him out now. Heh!

(Shean Wenn's "GO!" ala "You're fired", Apprentice-style)

On another more visual note, here are some photos of us swimming after New Year's

Photos above : You can clearly see Shean Wenn in her "swimming chair" while Karmen is using her swimming tube which I MUST add, is such a great product for babies this age. It is essentially like a swimming ring, but designed so well that it has a clasp to open and close so you can put your baby's head in it easily, strap her on and she's on her way to great paddling motion!

On a side note, if you notice in the background of the photos, we are facing the O2 Arena (Millenium Dome for those who didn't keep up to date after leaving England in 2000 :P)

Photos below : Look how happy Shean Wenn is, using it! She was practically focussing ONLY on her kicks! See the bubbles splashing around us??? She was just kicking and kicking, stopping only to check her toes ;)

My friend Michelle is selling it (Suitable from birth to up to 18kg). Do drop me an e-mail at tsulinplusplus[at] to enquire.

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Tsu Yen said...

HAHA her 'bor-wee' and 'GO!' is soooooooo cute!


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