Saturday, 13 December 2008

Tagged : 6 Randoms

Was tagged by Petite Fleur to do this.

1. I don't do much sports unless you consider typing a sport. But I LOVE swimming now. However, it wasn't always a love affair between me & swimming when my parents FORCED us to go for swimming lessons when we were younger, even more when I was beaten in freestyle-stroke by a girl of 5 years old when I was about 10-ish. My favourite stroke (hence I swim fastest in it) is Breaststroke. I used to have good stamina, when I can swim from 9am-6pm, breaking for lunch and tea (Redang Island, 2001-2002).

2. I am pretty good with directions and can read maps very well. During treasure hunts, I can read the tulips (tulip is a directional map, form car-rally origin) very well (thanks to years of experience going for hunts with my parents, who are now seasoned hunter - Dad is a retired hunter now though) and therefore will almost definitely be the designated navigator for my (old) team.

3. I prefer being tanned than being fair. Somehow, I find that being tan makes me look healthy!

4. I like both science and art but cannot understand accounting/finance AT ALL. I can do arts, but suck at crafting. Art meaning : I paint using watercolour, of architectures of Malaysia. I have done (paint in watercolour) Suffolk's House and some old shophouses in Perak. I describe my paintings as "semi-monochromatic infused with splashes of bold colours". If you would like to commission me for an artwork, please e-mail me at (Heh, even have time for marketing!) I might upload a few paintings of mine, if I can get my sister to scan them for me.. but the chances of that happening is like ZILCH.

(Future artist at work : Perhaps SW will follow in mommy's footsteps in the art dept, look at the masterpiece!)

5. I am lactose-intolerant, since birth. No cow's milk for me please, or cheese. Thanks. I also don't drink coffee since I was diagnosed with gastric problems.

6. I am not a couch-potato. And neither am I a book worm. But I can spend hours infront of the computer, reading or watching rubbish/informative news. My eyes don't hurt and I don't fall asleep.. BIZARRE!


petite fleur said...

Hey you did it...Hope it was fun.

Keep bugging your sister. I'd love to see some of your paintings.

Tsu Lin + + said...

It was fun.. although I had 2 think long and hard for anything remotely interesting to say about myself. I am such an "I" (introvert).

Anonymous said...

I love art too, but can never paint buildings. NEVER NEVER NEVER I will always get the perspective wrong, and it will always turn out to be some broken down or distorted building. Therefore, I always feel that building painters are Gods. So, definitely must see your paintings, very excited.


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