Monday, 8 December 2008

Housewarming at Karmen's

Shean Wenn's friend, Karmen moved into their new home last month and on last Saturday, they had a housewarming at their new place. Their development is a new-built and we were told that their postcode does not exist on googlemap and TomTom (sat nav) yet. So, we were given a set of instructions and also a postcode of a place opposite of the new development. We found their house without much trouble, and were told we are the first people who came over without having to call them asking for directions! We were also told we are the only guests that day - the rest couldn't make it (Good. All the food to ourselves).

Michelle (Karmen's mom) served us finger food with drinks - we asked for orange juice first. :)

(Hubs & me with our hostess, Michelle)

See that sunroof on the second picture? It cost them £800 to install the blinds on it! And it seems it was cheaper because they didnt' install it during summer. It really is so expensive to move into a new place. (We better save monies now before we move back..)

(Shean Wenn at the "kid's corner" - lots of toys!)

While the adults were eating and drinking merrily, and Karmen sleeping sopundly upstairs... Little Shean Wenn pottered around the house and made no fuss to us, helping herself to the toys and entertaining herself very well. Simon (Karmen's dad) commented that she is very independent because she doesn't "stick to us like glue" like some kids. Well, I believe the toys helped.

(Getting started - Simon started rummaging his "alcohol bar" for some serious drinks. They went for a beer first)

Karmen woke up midway and she and SW played for awhile.

SW : There, I share with you my toy "Zhu Zhu" (cantonese for piggy) if you would trade me yours!

Dinner is served! Everyone taking their place, including SW on the high chair. We opened a bottle of Spanish red for this. It was just right for me, not too dry.

After dinner, the kids made their way upstairs for a tour of Karmen's home.
SW getting comfy in Karmen's igloo tent.

SW and Karmen identifying objects on the wall chart.

And then... they climbed up Karmen's bed and pretended to sleep! SW was really happy here. I guess she loves company - especially those with toys!


Tsu Yen said...

They are both so cute! SW's dress is so nice...

chip-pea said...

She looks so pretty in her warm and comfy red dress...Funny the part where they pretended to sleep ;D


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