Friday, 12 December 2008

Fri night : Hipp Baby Christmas Competition


Dear diary,

What does mummy do on a Friday night?

She enters me into a baby photo competition online, and browses for other good "deals". Mum!! (embarassing!) She also managed to convince my friend's mummy to enter my friend, Tobey into the same contest!

Look at me and Tobey, we are side-by-side... Good Luck, you & me..

(BTW, my Entry ID is 11606 in the "Stages 1 Year & Older" while Tobey's is 11610. Please vote for us :P) The link to Hipp Baby Christmas Competition is here, but you have to be a registered member to vote. So if you are in the UK and happen to be a Hipp member, do vote for us :)


With love,
Shean Wenn


Tsu Yen said...

Pssst... Can you please post a link so that I can click on it to the website directly?

Anonymous said...

What is the link?

Melissa said...

I've cast my votes for both Shean Wenn and Tobey!

They are currently on the second page in the Stage 1 Year & Older.

Good luck, you two!


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